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New here! DOR and first cycle of clomid

Hi everyone! I’ve new to this site! Me and DH have been trying for 2 years when we decided to get help. I seen my RE in October and after testing we determined that I have a low ovarian reserve and low AMH. Now I’m in my TWW! Does anyone check their cervical position after ovulation? I was on clomid for 5 days and gave myself the trigger shot on Monday. I began estrodiol (estrace) on Monday and progesterone since Thursday. My cervical has been high since Monday and hasn’t gone back down like it usually doesn’t after I ovulate? I’m wondering if this could be a positive sign since it doesn’t usually happen to me, or if my cervix is staying high from the clomid.. any thoughts??  

Re: New here! DOR and first cycle of clomid

  • Hi there! I don't check my cervix at all, so I can't help you there. Just wanted to say good luck! 
    Me: 34 DH: 34
    TTC #1 since May 2015
    Feb 2017 - IUI#1 = BFN
    Mar 2017 - one large cycts - benched
    Apr 2017 - IUI#2 = BFN
    May 2017 - IUI#3 = BFN
    September 2017 - 1st IVF = cancelled high FSH low count
    October 2017 - 2ndIVF = failed (poor repsonder)
    November 2017 - 3rd IVF = cancelled high FSH low count
    February 2018 - 4 IVF  3PGS tested embryos 
    March 2018 - FET on 3/26 - BFP - EDD 12/12

  • I don’t check my cervix either, are you thinking a positive sign of pregnancy? 

    I just finished my second month of clomid and currently ovulating.  It didn’t work my first month but hoping this is the winner!

    baby dust to you!
  • Baby dust to you too!! Hopefully we get sticky pregnancies this month!! I get my beta test on 2/13!
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