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Heavy Bleeding Few Days After D&C

Hey everyone,

Been searching all over the place for some sanity. I had a D&C on Monday and had almost no bleeding through yesterday (maybe a tiny amount of brown-colored spotting, but almost nothing). Last night I felt like a gush- and it was a decent amount of deep red blood. I woke up this morning and had leaked maroon blood through my pad. It's continued like a heavy period all day today. I did call the doctor and a nurse responded and told me a doctor would call me back if they were concerned, but I haven't heard back.

Just wondering if this was normal or if anyone else experienced it? The surgeon told me it should be just a few days of a very light period after the D&C and NOTHING about heavy bleeding 5 days later. Could it be a normal period? Or is it way too soon for that?


Re: Heavy Bleeding Few Days After D&C

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    I had really heavy bleeding and huge blood clots like the size of golf balls after my D&C my OB/GYN who did the surgery helped ease some of the clots out. Told me it was normal. Some bleed a lot most spot. I didn’t get the heavy bleeding until a few days post procedure. I also had major pain that I NEEDED the Percocet when I was told they were just in case most people take Tylenol and are fine. I think it’s too soon for a regular period but I could be wrong. I think it’s your body just expelling all the extra endometrial lining that didn’t get scraped off during the procedure. 
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    I had severe bleeding and clots after my bleeding, I ended up with several emergency appointments.  I had a molar pregnancy, which ended up being the cause, but we didn't know that until almost 2 weeks after my d&c.  During the bleeding episodes, my doctor's office wasn't overly concerned.  When I called the doctor after a particular bad gush, he just told me to lay down until the next morning.  My ultrasounds were showing large clots, which again, at the time was still somewhat normal, and I was told I unfortunately would probably bleed heavily until I passed the clots.

    Heavy bleeding can be a sign of retained tissue, so it is best to be seen to have that ruled out. 
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