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Symptoms w/o Jan. 29

How is everyone feeling? Any of those pregnancy signs starting to hit? 


Re: Symptoms w/o Jan. 29

  • Super tired, sore breasts, and my sense of smell is out of control. Luckily, no nausea yet but at only 5 weeks there is plenty of time for that to rear it’s ugly head! 
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  • @olivemomma I feel you with those, although my nausea has already hit :( As a FTM, I had heard about all of this, but it's so weird when it starts to happen. I've been wearing a sports bra to work all week, because I can't bear my usual ones with a wire.
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  • So far I have some major bloat, and also when I went to brush my teeth this morning, the toothpaste made me gag. 
  • Bloat, some headaches, sense of smell and some minor cramping. Last time naseau hit at 6 weeks last time. My breasts aren’t as sensitive as I was last time. But when my toddler kicks me in them I feel it! 

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  • So far just bloat and really sore boobs. I’m only 3 weeks 3 days so plenty of time for nausea. I was super sick with my first two and am dreading that part. 
  • @Sailing_Mama - wireless bras will become your new bff!
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  • I'm experiencing nausea early this time fun at all. But on the plus side, my boobs feel fine!
  • headaches, SERIOUS bloat, and lord the sense of smell. Last pregnancy I couldn't eat chicken because of the smell  :D  hopefully that won't be the case this time around. I am still nursing my *almost* 14 month old so the tender boobs are FOR REAL. I really hope we can wean soon but he is showing no signs of stopping. 
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  • I've had sore boobs,  but that's it... I've also been really cold,  which seems weird.  Maybe not pregnancy related though?
  • So far, mostly super sore boobs. If not for that, I'd probably be wondering if I were actually pregnant! No nausea yet, but my digestion is definitely off. I'm also running kinda hot (woke up sweating a couple times which is not normal for me) and now and then I get a little lightheaded.

    Definitely not looking forward to the nausea. I have no idea how I will hide that at work once it starts. I have to go by almost everyone's office to get to the bathroom :|
  • @diaphena I am seriously so happy my job knows everything already. I cannot imagine hiding all this stuff from people I see every day. Good luck!
  • @kiwi2628 I know, I really don't want to tell them for a good while, but if it's really noticeable I might just have to go ahead anyway. Time will tell! One of my coworkers managed to hold out telling us til 10 weeks, so maybe I can pull it off.

    Hopefully since your coworkers already know they will be extra nice to you when you're feeling sick??  :)
  • Headaches and bloating!! I’m waiting for the sense of smell to kick in. That was horrible with DS and DD. DH had to take the trash out like every 10 minutes because I couldn’t stand the smell (which he never noticed)!
  • Have a heck of a sense of smell- I can identify every smoker I pass on the street right now. I also just feel tired/slightly out of breath. I get nauseous when I brush my teeth, but it’s mostly limited to that for now. Boobs feeling fine, though.
  • After bragging to a girlfriend that I was enjoying a brief period of no symptoms (after a pregnancy filled with morning sickness last time), God laughed and now I'm starting to get nauseated. Yay Pregnancy!
  • Bloating, mildly sore boobs, and some slight cramping (I guess it has been gone for a few days now.)  I feel like i'm falling asleep earlier, but otherwise nothing really to report....yet! I am waiting for the morning sickness to show up, which for my other 2 was around 6 weeks. I'm dreading that part.  
  • Sore boobs, little bit of cramping, nothing crazy enough for me to really feel pregnant yet  :s
  • Sore nipples, I get random aches and pains in my boobs but not the full on breast pain yet but I feel like they’re bigger already, super mild cramps, RLP (already!?!), a few waves of mild nausea, a general feeling of not wanting to eat, super tired.  
  • My main symptom is fatigue. I’m also have trouble sleeping. I fall asleep fine but I wake up at like 3 or 4 and have a hard time getting back to sleep. I’m sure it’s contributing to my fatigue. Anyone else experience that? 
  • Sounds like a similar boat for me - bloating, some cramping, slightly sore boobs. Seriously, though, they feel huge already! 

    @Kim41313 sorry you’re not sleeping well! 
  • @kim41313 The past couple nights have been like that for me too! Just kind of half-dozing from 4am onwards.. Not sure if it’s nerves about the pregnancy, but I’d sure like to sleep until my alarm goes off!
  • I struggle with insomnia while not KU, so I'm not sure if the insomnia this week is related to being pregnant or not. I'm so tired, though. That's really the only symptom I have right now aside from the brief moments of nausea that pass through. 
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  • @lin0442 I thought it may be nerves too, but it’s been happening pretty consistently for 5 nights or so. Also, I googled it and it’s not unheard of. Hopefully we can both get some sleep soon! 
  • @Kim41313 me too! I found actively doing something for about 20 minutes helps me get back to sleep. I hope this doesn’t last!
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  • 4w3d today - dull nausea on and off

    first major symptom was 3w5d - two day migraine... followed by nausea and acute smell in my work's bathroom.
    fatigue kicks in and I want to go to bed at 9pm

    @Kim41313 i also struggle with falling asleep easily, waking up between 2-4am and struggling to fall back asleep.  i have generalized anxiety, so it's usually b/c my mind is racing and thinking about being pregnant only adds to that anxiety.  i also feel like i wake up a little nauseous, so that's uncomfortable.

    i get terrible motion sickness, so i don't think that is going to bode well for my PG symptoms. i'm trying to prepare myself for the worst... e.g., a thought i might have in the middle of the night is... "what if I get hyperemesis gravidarum"... how will i continue to work?  (i'm a college professor, so I worry about who will take over my class)... i'm probably way jumping the gun, but that's how anxiety works! yay anxiety! :\

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  • No symptoms really. I am actually still in total shock that I tested positive. I do feel feverish but thermometer says no. Hard to say if it’s pregnancy making me feel off or if it’s the dreaded flu coming. 
  • Waves of nausea and lightheadedness, bloat, strong sense of smell, sore boobs and tired. So very tired.
  • This is making me feel much better about my nausea that comes and goes. I am also so gassy. I don’t remember that with my daughter and my boobs don’t hurt, either (though there is PLENTY of room for them to grow after weaning DD). I’m also awake at least once a night for no good reason (other than anxiety). Soooo tired. All the time. 
  • So far I'm just very tired and my breasts are sore. Also showing signs of GD again. No nausea yet, knock on wood.
  • I’m 5 weeks and 3 days, and so far I have on and off breast tenderness (some days it’s there, some days it’s not) and feeling extra tired—I’ve been going to bed between 9 and 9:30 when it’s usually closer to 11. No nausea yet.
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  • @blee530 I’ve been so cold too! I don’t know if it’s a pregnancy thing or not. I’m going to get my thyroid levels checked.

    @kim41313 I’m not sleeping well either. Last week it was insomnia and this week it’s night time nausea.

    @northbeach3 I’ve been having anxiety about that too. I’m also a teacher. I actually took today of because I was so sick all night long. Anxiety sucks! 

    AFM I’m already very nauseous. I don’t remember it being this awful or this early with DS. I’ve already been getting sick. I’m very worried about getting even the smallest task done. My poor husband. I’ve got lower back pain, but that might be unrelated. I’m tired, so i have no trouble falling asleep, but I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep, and I’m super cold all the time.
  • @hacharles I feel feverish too- especially MOTN
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  • I need to add ragey to my symptoms 
  • Yes ! I have been having trouble sleeping. When this happened with my first pregnancy I figured it was nerves, but it’s happening again and I don’t feel nervous. 
  • @northbeach3  I have been waking up between 2-4am every morning with racing thoughts, too. It's so frustrating when you do everything you can to get a good night's sleep but your brain just won't let you. 

    My symptoms have been sore breasts, a more acute sense of smell (I got a major headache in Bath and Body Works yesterday...too much!), fatigue, and soo much hunger. Although the fatigue is probably also related to waking up at 2-4am nightly...
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  • @diaphena, My first pregnancy I found out at work during busy season (CPA firm) and I called my husband and we planned to go to dinner and a baby store to buy an outfit. Then come 5:30 my boss told me I couldn’t leave until I finished something that would have taken all night. I cried, and he end up letting me go, and then went to ask my friend if I was pregnant!! Geeze. So I think I’ve broken my record for days keeping it a secret from my boss. Here’s to hoping we can both keep it a secret as long as we want!!!
  • @Kate63 FX for both of us! Today was the first time I got "you look tired" from my one sweet, but clueless older male coworker.... And this is exactly what started happening regularly with my other pregnant coworker during her first trimester, haha. I doubt anyone will catch on from me just looking tired, though.
  • I'm so nauseous - that's actually the reason I tested.  I'm also tired and my smell is in overdrive.  It seems like really early to be having these symptoms.  With my previous 2 the nausea didn't start until 6 weeks.  SAHMing with MS sounds horrible and looks like its going to happen.  Yayyyy
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  • Having some mild cramping/pressure, tired, sore boobs. Had some back aches yesterday. Haven’t had really any nausea yet. I’ve had heartburn regularly since high school so don’t know if that acidy feeling is baby or just regular. A weird one I’m having is sensitive teeth the last couple days. 
  • I've had some nausea today which seems way too early, but I hope it stays! It's nice having that little reminder that everything is ok. Every time I gag I get so excited! Besides that my boobs are getting more and more sore and I've been a little light headed and easily tired. I'm only 4 weeks at the most so I am eager to have some more symptoms. 
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