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Feed Regression?!

Our second daughter is 2 1/2 months almost 3 months now. Last few days she has been refusing milk or will only suck on the bottle for a few seconds and then push the nipple out with her tongue then she will scream till she's blue in the face. I have no clue why she is so inconsolable our first was never like this. I'm not sure if maybe my breastmilk is just tasting funky to her but she's also done this to formula too I'm worried she's going to lose weight. Like just now I gave her a bath fresh diaper fresh PJs and then heated her up a bottle of breastmilk she took some then threw it all up because she had herself so worked up only way she would even eat a little was if I bounced her in the rocking chair while feeding her but only sucked for a second and back to screaming. Maybe she's constipated or has gas?! Right now she's chewing my husband's finger to death could she be teething this young?!? I'm honestly at a lose like I said our first was never like this I know she's hungry because it's been a few hours and her beginning cry is for food but then just won't take it or only a ounce or two please any help or advice thanks

Re: Feed Regression?!

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    Do you nurse too? Or just bottle feed? My first went through a few phases of hating the bottle and only wanting the breast. It usually corresponded with something else - a cold, a developmental leap, etc - that made her want the comfort and snuggles from nursing along with the food. If you do nurse, I would say to keep trying the bottle, but nurse her if she freaks out. 
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    Just pumped breastmilk due to poor latch but thought of trying the breast last few times she's thrown these fits so may have to try tomorrow if she acts like this again.
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    What about nipple flow rate?  Is that still slow? 
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    Yeah we still have slow flow do you think it needs to be bumped up?
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    This happened with my daughter and randomly ended up being a dairy intolerance. She screamed at every feeding, even after sleeping 8 hours, would take an ounce and scream more. She was only bottle fed with formula by then so we flipped to hypoallergenic and she was like a new baby. My son (13 weeks) started acting similar around 8 weeks, I BF this time- cut dairy and it was so much better. Worth a shot if nothing else helps!
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    Are you a Wonder Weeks follower?  Week 12 (measured by due date, not birth date) is Leap 3, which is marked by extreme fussiness.  Issues with wanting to feed (latching only for seconds, etc.) are a classic leap sign.  My LO is 12w by due date today and what you described sounds like my whole weekend.  She was not terribly hungry; would latch in spurts for the feed when she decided to eat; only wanted to nurse on the move (hello forearms! baby air-guitar is exhausting); and was otherwise generally inconsolable.  It's been a really long last 3 days.

    The Leap lasts only about a week, so my gut is to hang in there.  I nursed more instead of bottle feeding pumped milk over the weekend.  And my LO refused to sleep except when she was in my arms or on me.  
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    I definitely agree with @curiousfool1  my DS did the same things and  now my DD is doing this. I EBF but she still acts like this at times over the past couple of days and nights.. DD will ONLY sleep on me or in my arms during the day or right up touching me at night. Its got to get better again! Hang in there!! 
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    Daughter ended up having two big bowel movements back to back after not having one for two days she started eating fine right after that so may have had something to do with her not wanting to eat like normal. Thank you ladies for all the advice support and suggestions!
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    @shortstuff5: Glad your DD is back on track! 

    Our DD just turned 10 weeks today and the struggle was real trying to feed her. She barely ate anything and almost screams when I try to get her to latch. DH ended up giving her a small bottle, which she happily ate 1 oz, but even after I offered to BF and she screamed. Idk what is up, but I am hoping today was just a fluke!
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    Probiotics have really helped my son's stomach!
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