1st Trimester

High HcG levels but no sac on u/s

t/v u/s showed no gestational sac but my HcG levels are 2000+ as of this past Friday.... I have to get blood work done tomorrow and another u/s on the 5th has anyone ever been through this and if so please give input whether good or not so good please....

Re: High HcG levels but no sac on u/s

  • I just went through this. I thought I was 6 weeks when I first went in, they tested my blood and did a transvaginal ultrasound. Hcg was 1500 but nothing on scan. Came back two days later, hcg 3000 but still nothing. Then after another two days, hcg 7000 and the sac was there! I was actually 5 weeks 3 days the day they saw it. Not knowing was torture because I thought it was ectopic. Best wishes to you!
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