Stranger Part 2 — The Bump

Stranger Part 2

I'm not as picky as I was before about people being facinated by my twins, but I happened to be out again and one of my twins was crying at the top of his lungs. I was using a self service photo kiosk and waiting for my photos to print. I was fully prepared to leave and change him (because I knew why he was crying), but I had to wait. Anyway, a strange lady comes up to me and insists on giving him his pacifier. I told her no and I gave it to him. He spit it out, which I knew he would. I also told her that I knew that he was crying because he was in the process of pooping. She got flustered and said, "no he wants his mommy," and proceeeded to put his pacifier in his mouth, which I warned her he'd spit out. She also told me that I needed to go change him, then. Mind you, I'm waiting on photos to print. She then angrily walks away shaking her head like she was pissed at me. And, apparently she had been watching me for a few minutes before she came over (the photo area manager told me). I don't know what her problem was. I feel like she judged me because I look very young and I continued to wait on my photos. I was consoling my baby and trying to give him his pacifier but he wasn't having it. As soon as all was printed, we left. Did I do something wrong?
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