1st Trimester

High bp no preeclampsia

I had my 38 week appointment today and my blood pressure was 152/98. They checked it a few times at the ob office before deciding to send me to L&D to monitor it. The hospital took some blood and sent me home within the hour. No explanation as to why it would be so high (it’s been normal my whole pregnancy). I was told that I wasn’t preeclampsic, which is good but now I’m wondering if I should be worried about the high blood pressure? 


  • Seems like a great question for a doctor familiar with your medical history.
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  • Why don’t you call and ask. Also wondering why you posted in first tri board instead of third tri.
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  • I have high blood pressure at 37 weeks but no pre-e (yet). I had a long conversation with my OB about my test results, symptoms to watch out for, and the plan for monitoring and potentially inducing going forward. High blood pressure alone doesn't mean you have pre-e but no one here knows your medical history/test results and can tell you why the doctors sent you home.
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