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  • @dem068a I feel like I have been too lax with DS and his food choices.  I just want him to eat SOMETHING since he's so freaking picky!  
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  • kpc914 said:
    I judge people when I see them using "Dock-a-tots" in cribs, bassinets, halo, etc. Especially for overnight sleep. So bumpers aren't ok, but sleeping surrounded by a $200 pillow is?
    I wasn’t aware people used those inside other things. I just thought it was for using on the floor or bed. Honestly I judge anyone who buys a dock a tot in general haha. So expensive for what it is. 

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  • @lincbeesmom So many people I know have posted photos of their kid sleeping in one while it is in the crib or bassinet. It's insane. Also, I agree....whenever STM+ mom's tell me "did you register for the dock a tot? You want to get one for sure" I just politely smile and say "I have thought about it"....but, hell no am I spending $200 on a pillow that isn't even considered a safe sleeping surface. 
  • @sparklingdiamond I know, I feel like I am losing the food battle with my toddler lately (and myself quite honestly).  I am just happy if he eats anything and I don’t have to keep saying, try one more bite please!

  • Just going to leave this here...

  • @rachelg777 now I'm worried about what else I have confessed to  :D I also have a Masters +30 to balance out my mind numbing tendencies...   ;)
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