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Nine-Month Milestones

The doctor is concerned that LO is behind in a few areas based on scoring my responses on the development form from the nine-month appointment.  I didn't get to see the scores to know exactly where the concerns are, but I checked an article on what to worry about, and LO isn't doing these things:

- Play games that require back-and-forth play
       - He gets excited with things like peekaboo and "How Big is LO", but he doesn't try to hide his own face or spread his arms on his own, for example.
- Respond to his name
       - Actually, he responds to his name, but he just responds to everything that I say.  He looks at me and giggles if I say his name, "Pancakes!", or some made-up word.
- Look where I point
       - He just looks at my hand.

Thoughts on any of this?  Before the appointment, I thought he was doing fine, but I hadn't looked at things like that to get me worried beforehand.

Re: Nine-Month Milestones

  • Well, what did the doctor say to do? My daughter didn't do the first two in your list by nine months. From what our providers said, it's not about whether or not they can do everything on the list, but rather about being able to do most of them. Not doing one or two things is not a big deal. My daughter was on the low side for communication, and they gave us a sheet with activities to do to help with that. 
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