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March 2018 Moms

Workout warriors check in...

Because if you are still working out at this point you really are a warrior!

Let's talk!

How are you staying active?  How do you feelp?  Really anything you want to talk about?

Re: Workout warriors check in...

  • I am just going to say it, this sucks!  I have been going to the gym everyday that I am off of work and doing the bike and light weights.  I am sure it's great that I have been continuing, but geez it's hard.  I am use to being pretty aggressive with my activity level, but just can't now.  Help!   Anyone got good workouts?!?!?  
  • I've been told no more Crossfit after my pre-term labor scare. So I just stick to Yoga and doing stretches my chiropractor suggests. It's hard!
  • I teach Pure Barre, so I've been sticking to that and Pure Empower, which is the more cardio-based class. I teach 3X/week (teaching isn't really a workout--more just walking around the room helping with form and stuff, but I'm also talking for basically an hour straight which is making me short of breath these days! ha) and try to take class 3-4 times/week, but it really just depends on the week.

    @DDRRT1982 I've definitely had to scale back with my pace, and it's hard and frustrating to do! I know I need to listen to my body though, so oh well. I just keep reminding myself that the more active I am now, the easier labor and delivery will be! (And I really hope that's true haha)

    Keep it up, ladies! We're almost there!!
  • I'm shooting for 3-4 days a week. 2 days are walking on the treadmill and doing the elliptical and 2 days are a short walk then weights. I have two big motivators right now. 1 - Gym daycare. Honestly, walking on the treadmill takes less energy than trying to entertain a 20 month old with cabin fever. It also helps her nap better than back to back episodes of Daniel Tiger. :#  2 - The longer I go without working out/stretching, the more my body hurts, and the worse sleep I get. 

    @DDRRT1982 Don't be too hard on yourself at not being as aggressive as you once were. I wasn't able to keep up running past the 1st trimester in either pregnancy, and I always felt like a failure because of it since I know other women are able to run. But honestly, you have to listen to your body. Just because you're not drenched in sweat when you're leaving the gym anymore doesn't mean you didn't do anything positive for yourself. You're probably using a lot more energy than you think you are considering the extra weight and fluids you have right now. Not to mention who the heck can actually breath right now? I consider the first 10 minutes of my workout carrying my 20 month old from the parking lot, up one flight of stairs, through check in, then up another flight of stairs to gym daycare. By the time I get on the treadmill, I'm already winded. Ha!

  • @missnc77 I cracked up when I read about the struggle of just getting your kid into the gym.  I definitely relate.  I never thought of that just being an activity in itself.  The struggle is definitely real!
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