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Strong contractions last night (37 weeks)

last night for about 2 hours I had very painful contractions but nothing consistent/: and this morning I had my check up and I am still 0% effaced and 0 dilation.  Today now I am having a ton of Braxton hicks and just so exhausted. Anyone else feeling the same?

Re: Strong contractions last night (37 weeks)

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    Yep. Two weeks ago, I went to the hospital for contractions all day and diagnosed with a UTI. I've been having pretty consistent contractions off and on today and last night, about 7 min apart for hours at a time. But they never stronger or closer together. I just keep getting told to drink more water and take a bath. These pseudo consistent contractions have been the hallmark of my third trimester. It is frustrating.

    eta: but it is normal. Stay hydrated, take it easy, and call your doctor if you aren't sure. 

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    Deja vu??

  • @valentineduedate I had the same with DD, I had contractions 2 nights, but my cervix was stil closed and I was sent back when I went to the hospital but a day after my water broke. So, it's really usual, just as @SquirrelsRWatching said, stay hydrated.
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  • I've been having contractions and pain for the pass few days. I've seen my OB/GYN and Specialist and been to the hospital twice. My OB/GYN said I was 3cms dilated, as well as the nurse that attended to me at the hospital on Friday. Yesterday morning I was awakened by pelvic pain and contractions, so I went to the hospital. I was placed on a monitor, did an ultrasound and the nurse checked my cervix. I was told it is only 1cm dilated. I was sent home after a few hours and told to drink plenty of water. I've been making an effort to try and drink a gallon of water daily, but that doesn't help me much. I'm in constant pain and the contractions are pretty consistent. I can hardly move around to do anything. I see my doctor's (OB/GYN and Specialist) 3 times weekly. I will be seeing my specialist later today. At this point I feel like I just want to be in bed and not move, it is too painful. I was given 2 shots of steroids in case my baby arrives early. I still have a few weeks to go.
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