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1st Time Member, 2nd IVF Round after Success

richmondtxmomrichmondtxmom member
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Hello. During my first IVF cycle, I visited this board, but never was an active poster. I am now on my second IVF round and thought I would feel less nervous/anxious, but I feel like I did 3.5 years ago. 

Anyway, I have been through IUI's and a round of  IVF that resulted in my 3 year old daughter. If you have questions about my IVF cycle, please feel free to ask. Otherwise, I'm just here for support and to give support. 

We just found out my husband's company will cover our whole ivf process (new change this year), so our cycle has changed from January to April 2018 (new insurance year starts).

I look forward to chatting with all of you! 

Re: 1st Time Member, 2nd IVF Round after Success

  • Welcome! That’s am if news about your insurAnce! Hopefully this will be a great cycle for you.

    Married: 5/09 ~ TTC Since: 10/10 ~ PCOS ~ Progesterone from 10/10 - 2/11 ~ HSG on 3/18 - Clear ~ Started Metformin 1000mg & Clomid 50mg 2/11 ~ Metformin upped to 1500mg 4/6 ~ 6/7 Now going to SG and put on Clomid, Ovidrel, Gonal F, Prometrium, Estrace ~ IUI #1 7/2 = BFP!!!!!! March 6th our little man was born. 

    6/17/13 - Ovidrel, Follistim, Prometrium ~ IUI #1 7/2 = BFP! March 17th our St. Pattys day baby arrived

    10/29/17 - Started process for IVF, got pregnant & miscarried a 2nd time since summer. 2/22 started stims - Menopur, Gonal F, Cetrotide - retrieval 3/6 - , PIO, estrace 3xday - FET 4/18 = Beta 1: 616; Beta 2: 1342 = BFP 

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