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WTO/TWW w/o 1/22

We're behind this week - sorry ladies!

Feel free to add to this post throughout the week if your symptoms change or if you have any questions. 

If you are a contributing member with a BFP this week, please share your success with us here!




TWW - Timing: 

TWW - Testing:   



GTKY: When I grow up I want to be...think wayyy back to the pre-school you, what was your very FIRST dream job?

Re: WTO/TWW w/o 1/22

  • I guess I'll be the first!!

    Month/Cycle: 2/3

    CD/DPO: 11

    WTO - WAYDTGKU: Added OPK's this round!

    CS/Q: Not much to see. My temps have been nice and consistent so far!

    R/R: RANT: people at work always give me what they don't want to do. I get that as a receptionist, that kind of comes with territory. But earlier someone was talking to a higher up near my desk and was told to do something. After the higher up walked away they lingered a little too long... I knew the "hey, can you make this call for me" was coming.  :s

    GTKY: When I grow up I want to be...think wayyy back to the pre-school you, what was your very FIRST dream job? I wanted to be a flight attendant cause I wanted to be able to fly for free! But I changed my mind in middle school after one horrible flight when I couldn't pop my ears and thought my head would explode! 
  • @kimberbeep yay for nice temps! Hope you enjoy the opk's too!
    It sucks when you get the trickle-down work. It often happens to me too. I don't mind helping but I'm already swamped I don't need someone elses too!
    Also - that can't get your ears to pop feeling is the WORST. It happened to me a few years ago and I literally cried standing in the airport because I couldn't hear from one ear at all. Luckily it was back to normal after a night of sleep and before our next flight. 

    Month/Cycle: 2/2

    CD/DPO: 22/5


    TWW - Timing: good as can be if O was accurate

    TWW - Testing: Someone tell me it's a bad idea to test today... Saturday for sure because anniversary wine!

    CS/Q: nothing to see as I don't temp. Think I'll order one to be able to start next cycle. 

    R/R: It's only Tuesday and it's the longest week ever. I am in a serious slump this week. 

    GTKY: When I grow up I want to be...think wayyy back to the pre-school you, what was your very FIRST dream job? I wanted to be a garbage truck driver. 
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  • @kristah2 - Don't test! Just wait for Saturday! :p Do you have anything fun planned for your anniversary??
  • @kimberbeep yes! I can't stop talking about it so sorry to those who have seen in other posts..
    We had a gift certificate for a night in a suite at a local spa so we're heading there on Saturday. We have dinner resos at a favorite restaurant too! plus we are foregoing gifts to take advantage of a couples massage and some hot tub and sauna time. Then we are heading to brunch at check out on Sunday. I am SOO looking forward to it!
    But all the massage/wine/hot tub means I have to test on Saturday. I can't say I would mind if a BFP derailed my plans. 
  • @kristah2 - That sounds like a wonderful weekend getaway!! 
  • maureenmcemaureenmce member
    edited January 2018
    I posted in last week's thread yesterday, so I'll post here too so I can keep up with everyone this week!

    @kimberbeep Seems unfair that people push so much work onto you! Being a receptionist is a job in and of itself and in many offices can be a really demanding one! 

    @kristah2 If you're only 5 DPO I'd probably wait 2 more days. I was googling this very thing this weekend (because hi, I am also hopeful and impatient, haha) and they were saying even with the fancy early detection pregnancy tests, generally 7DPO is the absolute earliest they can detect it. Good luck though! I'm going to test on Friday and it's so hard to wait! Also, your anniversary date night sounds aaaaaamazing! Enjoy!

    Anyway, WTO/TWW - TWW!

    Month/Cycle: 1/1 **TW after loss **TW

    CD/DPO: According to the FF app I am CD22 5DPO, but I have not been temping, so this is just kind of a guess. I think I O'd a few days earlier, but no real way of knowing.


    TWW - Timing: Based on FF estimation, -3, -2, -1 and +1

    TWW - Testing - I'm going to test early because I'm feeling hopeful since we DTD almost every day of my FW week! Probably will test Friday to see if I can have wine, then test every other day until I get a second line or AF.

    CS/Q: Nope!

    R/R: Rant - I had to get up for work at 5:30 this morning (sob) and tomorrow I work a 12 hour day starting the same time. Rave - I get to leave early today, due to my long day tomorrow and since LO is still at daycare I'm gonna take a naaaaaaap. It will be glorious.

    GTKY: My very first dream job was doctor...until I found out (at a very young age) I couldn't stand the sight of blood. Fun fact, I found out as an adult that I have a thing called vasovagal (sp?) syncope, which means your heart rate and blood pressure both plummet at the same time due to certain triggers (like the sight of blood!) and you faint! Before I knew this, I fainted so often at blood drives they made me stop going, haha. So guess it's a good thing I gave up the whole doctor thing as a very small child!
  • @maureenmce cycle buddies with DPO! Let’s stay strong and hide the HPTs!  I would probably not survive f I had to get up at 530 for work!!
  • @maureenmce - Props to you for continuing trying to give blood despite fainting!
  • @kristah2 Yeah let's stay strong, we can do it! I'm trying really hard not to get overly hopeful for this guest cycle back TTC, but I've been symptom spotting like crazy. Can't wait for Friday!

  • @maureenmce oh man me too I’m actually psycho. Like “I’m really hungry - must be preggo” “I’m warmer then usual, must be preggo” “my dog peed on the floor - must be preggo”.... I need to chill. 
  • @kristah2 Your anniversary weekend sounds wonderful...enjoy!  Fx for a BFP for you and @maureenmce !!  

    Month/Cycle: 3/3


    WTO - WAYDTGKU: Well, I had a really weird cycle last month.  DH and I HIO between Christmas and New Years.  I tested a couple times before AF was due to arrive and both were negative.  I then had 1 light day, 1 heavy, 1 light and 2 days of spotting, so I assumed that was AF.  From last Friday until this Monday, EVERYTHING I smelled and ate made me nauseous or gag.  I decided to test on Monday night even though I truly didn't think I was KU.  I turned 2 tests that night and then 1 yesterday morning and this morning!  I'm still cautiously excited (but super stoked nonetheless!!) because of the bleeding I experienced.  I'm just a nervous Nelly and will continue to test until my first appointment for peace of mind.  

    TWW - Timing: 

    TWW - Testing:   



    GTKY: When I grow up I want to be...think wayyy back to the pre-school you, what was your very FIRST dream job? I wanted to be a teacher when I was a kid.  I always loved school so much and I still have so much love and respect for teachers.
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  • @clbness congratulations!
    DD1: June '16 DD2: March ‘19 :::: Married since 2011 :::: USN Wife ::::
  • @kristah2 and @maureenmce I don’t envy you at all being in the too early to test but possibly early enough to have possible symptoms stage. Those few days drag. Hope you are able to hold out for a few more days without going crazy. Positive thoughts headed to both of you

    @clbness exciting! Congrats! But I do understand your hesitation to get excited quite yet. FX for you. Also, this spoiler feature is new to me so I may need pointers.

    Month/Cycle: 1/1

    CD/DPO: 14? 

    WTO/O/TWW: honestly I could be any of these. This is my first month off IUD so I haven’t had a normal cycle yet to know if my cycle length is still the same. If my calculations are correct I don’t O for another day or so. I got really nauseous two days ago which I usually do right before O so that’s been making me wonder if I Od yesterday or today. Either way we have been Bd every other night so we should be covered. Sorry for the novel

    TWW - Testing. Will wait until AF does not show (at least I’m trying to promise myself that I will)

    R/R: I’ve been fighting of some virus and just when I think I’m better I dip again. My chest feels congested and I have an annoying dry cough. 

    GTKY: When I grow up I want to be...think wayyy back to the pre-school you, what was your very FIRST dream job? I wanted to work in an orphanage. I used to pretend all my stuffed animals were orphans and I would make birth cirtificates for them to give to the adoptive parents(my sister or the other stuffed animals.)
  • @clbness yay! Congrats!!
  • @clbness so happy for you! Congrats!!
    @maureenmce how are you doing holding out? I almost tested yesterday after work but luckily talked myself out of it. Though I'm pretty sure I'm having my usual PMS symptoms so not only am I out but I'm pretty sure AF is coming early. 
    @JLaVO888 for a spoiler you click the little arrow by the button that looks like a backwards Pand I and click on spoiler. A little box will pop up and you can write whatever you want in it! Also adorable that you used to make birth certificates for you adopted stuffed animals! 
  • @clbness Congratulations!! FX all goes well until you get some reassurance at your first appt!
  • Thanks a bunch, ladies!   <3

    @kristah2 Don't count yourself out yet!

    @JLaVO888 Your GTKY is so super adorable!  Also, the beer flight in your siggy looks so refreshing...I love craft beer!
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  • maureenmcemaureenmce member
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    Edited to add @clbness congrats!!! Don't know how I missed that when scrolling!  Yay!

    @kristah2 I'm hanging in there as far as holding off! I did a 'how early can I take a pregnancy test' calculator via first response last night, because that's the brand of pregnancy test I got and it said not to test until Sunday! I'm not going to wait that long though because I'd like to have a glass of wine Friday  after this stressful work week, so I'm still going to test again tomorrow am, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up, since it'll be so early. I'll test again Sunday and Tuesday (I got a three pack of tests.) Anyway, I really hope your symptoms are pregnancy symptoms not AF symptoms!! FX!!
  • @maureenmce Good luck with the test tomorrow! I think Saturday is early too but I'm going to give it a try and see how it goes, then enjoy some guilt free wine! Then probably test again Tuesday or Wednesday if AF doesn't show. Last month AF showed 12 DPO and CD 28 so judging that I should expect her visit Monday. 
  • @clbness omg I forgot I had a siggy. That’s like 2 years old. I’ve been using the app. I’m going to have to jump on the computer to see what the heck is even on my siggy. 
  • @clbness congratulations!! Hoping for a super easy 9 months for you :) 
    DS1 born 2/28/16
    DS2 due 12/12/18

  • @maureenmce how did your test go? I caved last night. I don't know why. I think I needed a reality check that these PMS symptoms are actually PMS symptoms. Hope you had better results then I did.
  • @kristah2 Hey there, I tested this am and got a BFN, but I know it's still super, super early. I chatted with my other two friends who are TTC and decided to wait until at least Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday before testing again, and if that's negative too, I'll just wait and see if I get my period next Friday as FF says I should plan on and, if not, I'll do a final test at that point. Are you going to test again in a couple days? Or wait and see if AF shows Monday when you expect it and only test if it doesn't?
  • @maureenmce sorry about the BFN. my plan is to still test tomorrow am with FMU so I can enjoy my wine guilt free tomorrow night. If it’s atill negative then I’ll privably wait until mid next week. I assume AF will be here between Monday-Wednesday so I’ll probably try to hold off until Wednesday if I can! 
  • @kristah2  @maureenmce sorry for the BFNs. FX that changes when you test next. I bought a pack of HPT yesterday just so they would be available. Now I’m realizing how bad of idea that was. They will be tempting me like crazy. I’m not even out of my fertile week and they are all I can think about lol. 
  • @kristah2 I will try to hold out til Wednesday too! We can do it!

    @JLaVO888 They are SO tempting to have around it's crazy. I need to make my husband hide them or something!
  • I didn’t tell DH I bought them because I actually will be testing right before Valentine’s Day. So *if* I’m lucky enough to get a BFP I’m already planning to do something cute for his gift. If he doesn’t even know I’ve bought them it will be more of a surprise. 
  • @maureenmce bfn for me this morning too. Think we can help each other hold out until Wednesday?? 
    Though I’m pretty sure af is coming tomorrow or Monday. I don’t want to waste another test! 
  • @kristah2 Yeah let's do it! No testing til Wednesday!
  • I’m here cheering you both on!! 
  • Hanging in there as far as not testing @kristah2 ? I was actually going to cave and test today but I forgot and missed out on testing with FMU so...yay? Not so much willpower as accidental willpower, but hey, I didn't test! Haha
  • Way to go @maureenmce I also managed this morning! Just a couple more days to go!
  • @kristah2 @maureenmce How you two hanging in there today? Just wanted to check in and say I am still cheering for you!
  • Thanks @JLaVO888 !! Still hanging in here. I think AF is going to do her thing tomorrow afternoon. I hope I can hold out and not waste a test. 
  • FX she ends up not showing!
  • @JLaVO888 Still hanging in there! Trying to wait until at least tomorrow, if not Friday when AF is due! 
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