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What’s on Your Delivery Playlist?

When I arrived to the OR for my C-section with DS1 I was totally unprepared to be asked about what kind of music I’d like to listen to. This time I’m going in prepared! 

What’s on your delivery playlist?? 

Re: What’s on Your Delivery Playlist?

  • I'm going un-medicated, I really don't think I will need a playlist, but if I happen to need one, that will be jazz
  • @sweetgirlamaris I am trying to go without medication too,  hopefully that goes well!

    We have apple music family plan and DH both have a bunch of playlists on there so it just depends what I'm in the mood for. I'll probably just decide in the moment.
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  • I didn't get music during my c-section. I'm trying for a non-medicated vbac this time (although it didn't work out that way the first time around). If I need music, I'll probably use my meditation pandora channel. 

    Married 1/09/10

    BFP 6/10/14
    EDD 2/17/15
    DS 2/17/15

    BFP 6/12/17
    EDD 2/18/17
    Deja vu??

  • @mblomq2 that is badass! I love it! 
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