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Iron Supplement?

My doctor just told me that I’m anemic and need an iron supplement. She said any supplement, as long as it’s slow release. Anyone have one they love? Or one to stay away from? 

Re: Iron Supplement?

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    Hi there. This would be a great question for the "January symptoms", "randoms" or "FTM questions for S+TMs" threads. 

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  • Slow FE works well without digestive upset.
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  • I’m seeking an iron supplement too! The sample my doctor gave me upset my stomach so much, it’s call HeMax. I’ll look for Slow FE, thanks for the recc!
  • I just take whatever my OB prescribed. It makes me sick if I take it on an empty stomach, so I usually take it with my prenatal after dinner with a glass of apple juice. Vitamin C helps absorption and calcium inhibits it, so be careful taking in conjunction with antacids. Orange juice is best to take it with. 
  • I'm taking a slow release CVS brand 45mg supplement twice a day in addition to my prenatal which has iron.  No problems with it.  With any iron supplement you may also need a stool softener because they can cause constipation, but I have had no issues.
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  • I was anemic with my first and anemic now and I literally can’t function without a supplement in the morning. I take Ferralet 90 (prescription), but I’m sure you can ask your office for a sample. Most other supplements aren’t effective for me or contain a stool softener as well. It’s important if you take a supplement to also increase fiber intake since it can increase constipation (I already had constipation from pregnancy, so taking iron made it worse.) 

    Ask your office if they can give you samples to start - most sample packages also have coupons!
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