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Baby Tracking App

I am a new mom myself and was searching for an app and just wasn’t happy. I bought plenty of different ones but they all seemed so over done. Too complicated and just so much more effort to manage/navigate than I had time to do.  

So we developed our own app. Robb and I were inspired by our baby girl Audrey. And so “All Things Baby” app was launched into the apple Store. so easy & quick to use. You can track your feedings (breast,bottle,solids,and juice/water),diapers,growth,and more plus you can email it in one click!

It’s the only app where there are NO IN APP PURCHASES or ADS. You buy it once for a flat rate then any and all updates and upgraded versions are yours!.!.

It has been such a help when going to the Dr and being able to give them her average feeds/day and diapers when they ask without any hesitation or ruffling through papers.! CHECK IT OUT!
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