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Saving grace blanket!

Hi all - I'm the mother of two girls - L is 2 and C is 6 months. The girls couldn't be more opposite. Not sure about anyone else, but C has an obsession with the tags on her blankets. Safe to say I find myself at 2 am searching for her blanket tag trying to calm her and just discovered my saving grace.
A co-worker had suggested getting tags blankets and C (& me both) are on cloud 9. They're soft and have a huge red tag on them to give to her to rub. I tried the blankets with several tags on them and they weren't a hit as much as these are. A little pricey-but so soft and huge. I ordered them at Figured I'd pass it along to help other moms out at 2 am trying to soothe their baby. Good luck!
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