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Since the announcement thread tends to be a shorter and we don't comment  :s . Can we have the birth stories here?? All the details! Induced? Barely made it? Long labor? Scheduled c-section? Tell us the nitty gritty about your miracle!

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  • I'm all for this idea, it's one of my favourite threads on other month boards where moms have had their babies. I'll be sure to post mine when I have my little one.
  • @kaitie12-27 I like reading the birth stories too.
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  • Good idea!
  • I've already been stalking the December and January birth story boards!

    Married 1/09/10

    BFP 6/10/14
    EDD 2/17/15
    DS 2/17/15

    BFP 6/12/17
    EDD 2/18/17
    Deja vu??

  • Great idea. I'll remember to post our story here. In the meantime I'm gonna stalk the Jan/Dec boards 
  • Mamas who have had your LO, please share with us your stories  <3
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    I went to my usual appointment on 2/7 when I was 40+1. My midwife checked me and I was 1cm. We agreed to schedule an induction on 2/10 since I had passed my due date. I was sooo afraid to be induced since I thought it was going to be tougher but again I was sooo over with this pregnancy.
    The day following my appointment I woke up in the morning and I felt like I had to clean all the pendings. I felt so energetic that I would lift heavy things, go up and down, little did I know I was nesting. After all that my mum came and we agreed to go for a walk. When we just reached outside I felt cramps in my left leg, but we walked slowly. By the time we reached home I was having contractions but they were not close together, I didn't even bother timing them.
    At 8pm they started being so close and I srated timing them they were 5-6mins apart and each lasting 30-40secs. I slept and didn't tell anyone I was in labour coz I knew they'll all rush me to the hospital. Around 2am they became real and I told SO. The contractions were still 5 mins apart but lasting 50-60secs. We took the hospital bag, told my mum we were leaving, so she stay with DS.
    We reached at the hospital around 4am in the morning, contractions were still the same. The midwife checked me and to my surprise I was 6.5cm. We then went to the l&d room, at 7am I was at 7.5 and my water broke, from there things got worst, contractions started coming every 1mins and they were so strong. The midwofe suggested an epidural but I refused, thanks to SO who encouraged me to go un medicated coz he knew that was my initial plan. By 11:30 I was fully dilated and started to push, with 3 contractions DD was out.
    It wasn't an easy labour at all, especially the last 3hrs, the pain was like hell but soooo worth it.
    Am so grateful to God for I wasn't induced and that labour started on it's own before the induction date.
    Hang in there mamas who are still waiting for you LOs, you will hold them soon than you imagine. It wasn't easy for me to go past-due as my 1st came 5days earlier, so everyone woud tell me how this would come even earlier coz 2nd pregnancies go quicker than 1st but I got to see that every baby and every pregnancy is different indeed.
    For those who wants to go un medicated, you can make it mamas.
    Good luck to y'all
  • I went in for a post date check up. The nonstress test was good, but my fluid levels were low, so they decided to induce me. So at 12:30PM they checked me and I was 3 cm, 50% effaced, and baby was at -2 station. So they decided to skip cervidil and just start me on pitocin at 230PM. So they were slowly cranking up the pitocin, but it was too strong and my contractions were too close together so they went back down a little. At 530 I had absolutely no progress. I was still getting contractions with 1 minute breaks or less, so at at 630pm I told my nurse I wanted an epidural. The next two hours were hell waiting for my epidural. Even after my epidural, I was still feeling a good chunk of it, so an hr later, the anesthesiologist gave me another bolus and then I was in heaven. Thank goodness because when I was checked at 930, I was only 4cm, 90% effaced, and baby at -1. I had a long way to go. Then at 4AM they checked me again and I was fully dilated and baby at 0 station. Started pushing at 430AM and at 511AM the baby was born! 
  • I couldn't fall asleep, I just "felt" like something was happening (even though I had felt that a few nights before and it didn't) - i got up to pee a million times and almost felt like I needed my water to break. Finally fell asleep and woke up a couple hours later to contractions. And believe me ladies who are still pregnant, once they start you will know. Took a shower and timed them, 5 min apart, told my husband, called the doc at about 6am and they told me to go to the hospital. Some were around 3 min apart at that point. Got all our stuff together and dropped my son off at daycare (cried when I had to say goodbye to him as my only baby for the last time). Got to the hospital and my contractions had slowed down to every 4-5 min, and after about an hour my OB (who hadn't even come in to check on me) told the nurse to start me on pitocin. I was confused because I had started labor on my own, why did I need to be induced now? I had been scheduled for induction 3 days later, and I was induced with my first but never actually needed the pitocin, cervidil kickstarted my labor last time. So I waited about an hour for the doc to come in so I could ask her why, she said labor was stalled, contractions need to be about every 2 min to "work", so they could send me home or we could have a baby, I said okay, let's have a baby. She broke my water, I got an epidural, they started pitocin. A couple hours later they checked me and I was ready to go.  
    I pushed for almost an  hour, baby's heartbeat kept dropping, so they had to use the vacuum to get her out. She had the cord wrapped around her neck twice, so that's why it was so hard to get her out, but they slipped it off and she was fine. 
    My sweet little Leighton was born 2/27 (1 day before due date) at 2:52pm. 7 lb 10 oz. 20". 
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    My due date was Feb 24th, but little Audrey didn't want to make her appearance yet, so at 41 weeks and 1 day, I was induced. (March 4th, LO born March 5th) 

    I was worried about the process, but it worked well for me. I took the pill that jumpstarts labor. This is a gentler process than pitocin. But, it takes a while. My first pill was at 7:30 PM and I think I took two more throughout the night. I got little sleep in the hospital bed and my contractions were picking up in what felt like cramping. By morning the contractions strengthened. I took a shower with my husband which helped a lot. I also used the exercise ball and breathed through them. Once I was in active labor, my contractions came one in top if the other. There was little to no rest in between and they were pretty overwhelming. I decided to take the epidural around 3 in the afternoon. I was 90% effaced and almost 4 centimeters. It was a good thing I asked for it when I did because the anestheseologist was on her way to a csection.

    After the epidural, I had immediate relief and rested for a few hours while the contractions did their work. I could still feel them but they didn't hurt. Around 6 or so, they started to slow down, so the midwife suggested a little pitocin to jumpstart them so that I could start pushing. Well, it worked. I felt the contractions pick up and felt the urge to push (which is an urge in your anus, not your vagina, by the way). 

    In about ten pushes, Audrey made her appearance! I looked down and saw her come out. She was 7lbs 6 ounces born at 8PM. It was incredible. 

  • Well I was one day away from being 36 weeks. I felt weird that entire day but I ended up going to work anyway. At about noon I started having contractions. I didn't think anything of it because I had been having contractions the entire month of February so I just tried to push through the pain and kept working. Then I started to realize that these contractions were a little bit different. One clue was that I was constantly feeling like I was peeing on myself so every 30 mins I was going to the bathroom. Second clue was that my contractions weren't going away like they would normally do. It had been about 3 hours and I was still having contractions and they were beginning to get closer. Then suddenly i decided to go to the bathroom again and I found blood in my discharge and that's when I started to get a little nervous but still a little in denial. So I left work early at 4pm and decided to go home but before I went home I thought to call my doctor to get reassurance that I was ok and had nothing to worry about. So as I called her nurse picks up, I explain what had been happening and the nurse says my doctor will call me back. Well within 5 mins my doctor called me back and said I need to go to the hospital right now. So I drive myself to the hospital since my husband was en route to pick up my son from daycare. So now I'm at hospital and at this point my contractions have gone from 20 mins apart to 10 mins apart in a matter of 30 mins. I got to  hospital at like 6 and I get checked in. The nurse immediately checks to see if I'm dilated and I was about 3cm. I'm thinking that's normal since my last pregnancy was like that. So the nurse starts giving me fluids to try to stop the contractions because I'm still early in my pregnancy. Now at this point my contractions are now 5 mins apart. So about 45 mins later the nurse comes in and my contractions are now 30 sec to a min apart. I then ask at what point all I allowed to receive an epidural and as I'm asking the nurse she once again checks to see how dilated I am. After she checks again, she just had this shocked look on her face and she tells me that I'm 10cm dilated and you're giving birth right now. I was in total shock, I thought I was going home at one point. Immediately they rush me to labor and delivery. I went to labor and delivery at 7:30, I had my babygirl at 7:45. She was 5lbs 8oz and completely healthy to my surprise even though she was 4 weeks early. So I would say definitely an unexpected delivery but one that I'll treasure at all times.
  • I was scheduled for an induction at 41w6d on 3/12, to start with Cervidil at 4pm. The OB did a membrane sweep at my last appointment, where I was only 1cm dilated. I was losing my mucus plug the whole weekend before the induction date. 

    Sure enough, around 530am on the morning of the 12th, I went to the bathroom and felt a gush of fluid. At the time I thought it was discharge/mucus so I just went back to bed as usual. Maybe an hour later I was woken with decent strength cramping but no contractions. Had another gush of fluid/discharge but I couldn’t be sure it was amniotic fluid. I was still thinking discharge. 
    I had my first contraction somewhere between 7-730. They started coming between 7-8minutes apart, then moved to 5-7 apart. Meanwhile I was continuing to have fluid leaking, mostly that happened with a contraction. At this point, my OB office said to wait til the contractions got a little more regular and unbearable. That took maybe an hour to happen and we were at the hospital at 1030-11 am. By the time we got there, the contractions were getting way intense and were coming every 2-3 minutes. 
    I got the epidural about an hour after I got there (hallelujah!). I had been undecided on whether I would get it or not and thank god I did. I don’t remember what time it happened but at some point his heart rate kept dropping due to the contractions coming too rapidly and strong. They gave me a shot of medicine to weaken them a little and it worked great. I continued to labor essentially pain free. No one tells you about the massive rectal pressure! I could always feel that, even with the epidural! 

    About 4:00 my parents stopped by on their way to the waiting room. They were there about a half hour and they left to go to a bar down the street for dinner. The whole time they were there I kept feeling gushes of more fluid and the contractions getting a bit more noticeable and frequent. As soon as they left, I asked my husband to peek under the sheet and tell me if it was a lot of fluid or blood. The poor man looked just as a particularly large blood clot passed lol. I was bleeding pretty heavy so we got the RN, who got the OB and sure enough I was 10cm and ready to go. 

    Pushing started at 5-530 pm. Pushing wasn’t awful but it was definitely draining! The epidural made it a struggle for me to push with the correct muscles. At one point, they ordered up a small dose of pitocin to help my contractions strengthen just enough to help him get out. He was lodged right behind that pelvic bone and just didn’t want to make his way down.
    Apparently all they needed to do was say the word “pitocin” because that seemed to get him moving. Those last few cycles of pushing were ROUGH.  I was physically exhausted after over 2 hours of pushing. I could feel the pressure of his head being so close to the exit and it burns like hell, even with the epidural. Finally, at 7:37 pm, he made his grand arrival! 7lb, 15oz and 19 inches. And awfully damn cute, if I do say so myself. I have to say, he looks really good for being 2 weeks overdue. 
    All in all, it was a good labor experience, especially as a FTM. I’m so glad I didn’t have to be induced or receive more medicine than I would’ve preferred. I labored for a little over 12 hours and pushed for 2. Aside from the issue with his heart rate, it all went smoothly. We are so in love!
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