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WTO/TWW Week of 1/15

Feel free to add to this post throughout the week if your symptoms change or if you have any questions. 

If you are a contributing member with a BFP this week, please share your success with us here!




TWW - Timing: 

TWW - Testing:   



GTKY: Who was your FIRST celebrity crush?
Me: 36 | DH: 35 | Married: 9.17.16
Diminished ovarian reserve
BFP: 4/14/2020 EDD: 12/20/2020

Re: WTO/TWW Week of 1/15

  • Month/Cycle: 2/3

    CD/DPO: 14

    WTO - WAYDTGKU: PNVs. Charting. HIO. OPKs. 

    TWW - Timing: 

    TWW - Testing:   

    CS/Q: Over here hoping I didn’t O early (as 0 sex before CD11) and yet hoping it happens soon as my OPKs  are barely visible and I’m discouraged about it. 

    R/R: Monday. Work sucks. But I had a great weekend and the next 2 weeks are going to be great! 

    GTKY: Who was your FIRST celebrity crush?
    Maybe JTT!
  • @kristah2 I've been doing some reading, and apparently it's totally possible to O without turning an OPK. Sometimes it's just a matter of missing the surge. I'm hoping that's what happened with me this month, since last month, I found out I was taking the tests wrong.

    Month/Cycle: 4/4

    CD/DPO: 15/?. I had EWCM on CD11, so if I go by that, 4DPO. But who the hell knows.

    WTO - WAYDTGKU: The usual. DH has his SA on Wednesday.

    TWW - Timing: If I go with CD11, then -4, -2, and 0.

    TWW - Testing: Probably just gonna wait for AF at the end of the month.

    CS/Q: No questions, since I haven't temped at all this month.

    R/R: I hate being sick.

    GTKY: Who was your FIRST celebrity crush? Oddly enough, my first one (that I remember) was Nick Lea from The X-Files.
    Me: 36 | DH: 35 | Married: 9.17.16
    Diminished ovarian reserve
    BFP: 4/14/2020 EDD: 12/20/2020
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  • @dreamscapes_ agh trying to find FW can be so hard. I'll keep trying but at some point around CD 20 I'll probably give up and call myself TWW and see what happens. If no BFP this month I'm definitely going to start temping because this guessing game is rough. Usually it doesn't bother me too much because I start HIO CD6 but not startung until CD 11 just has me worried that if I O'd then this month is a wash and I'll never know!
  • @kristah2 - Sorry this cycle has been so frustrating for you! 
  • Month/Cycle: 3/3

    CD/DPO: CD7

    WTO - WAYDTGKU: Temping, CF, Wondfo's, HIO

    TWW - Timing: 

    TWW - Testing:   


    R/R: I'm with @kristah2 on finding that FW, and especially my date of O.  I progressively keep trying more things/collecting more data with each month.  Month 1, I randomly downloaded the Ovia app and entered my LMP info and it told me I was in the middle of my FW, so we HIO.  I knew it wasn't 100% accurate, so I didn't expect a BFP.  Month 2, I bought some FROPK's.  Based on the length of my cycle (which has seriously been wonky since AF came back after BF my DD), it said I should start testing at CD11 (I think, I really can't remember).  When I tested, it was positive for LH, so we HIO for a few days until we went to my Mom's for New Years.  Now, I'm wondering if I should have started testing earlier and maybe I was already in the middle of my FW OR if we should have HIO for longer (at my Mom's house).  I'm SERIOUSLY so clueless on this.  Now, it's month 3 and I'm temping, observing my CF and am going to POATWONDFO.  Hopefully I can get a better understanding of this!

    GTKY: Who was your FIRST celebrity crush?  Oh, man, it was Corey Haim (that totally shows my age)!
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  • @clbness a lot of people use test strips early because they can see the lines get progressively darker and can better see when their FW starts and finishes.
    TW prev pregnancy
    I temped for my first pregnancy and I highly suggest fertility friend to keep track of it. I also used glow because I liked the interface and info, but nothing beats FF for fertility stat tracking and cycle analysis.
    DD1: June '16 DD2: March ‘19 :::: Married since 2011 :::: USN Wife ::::
  • @meggyme Thanks for the feedback!  I actually started testing early this time for that reason...I have FOMO!  I also downloaded the FF app last week so I can better track my stats.  I'll get the hang of it eventually.   :D
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  • Month/Cycle: 2/2

    CD/DPO: 19/ 8 or 9? Or if you go by confused FF, 11.

    TWW - Timing: Either -2 or -3 depending on when O actually happened. Or if FF is correct, then none at allllll (ugh). We struggled this month with being sick with colds and generally being too busy.

    TWW - Testing: Probably not til missed AF so in about a week if she hasn't shown up by then.

    CS/Q: I'm struggling to figure out how to share my chart with you guys, but it's a special one, haha.  FF gave me dotted crosshairs on CD8 which is madness. That would give me about a 21-22 day cycle which I have never had in my life, haha. It got confused by a small temp rise and fall that came right before a big temp rise. To me, the temp shift is pretty obvious but I guess FF disagrees. I missed a temp on CD12 which is why I'm not sure exactly when O was.  I figured out that if I put a temp in for that day, though, it moves the dotted crosshairs to CD11 or CD12. So that's what I'm going with. :)

    R/R: I'm with y'all on the difficulty of figuring out FW. I definitely do not have that down just yet haha.

    GTKY: Who was your FIRST celebrity crush?  Can't remember which came first, but it might have been JTT, the Hanson brothers (like, just collectively I guess? haha), or Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker.  :D 
  • @diaphena you used to have to post a screenshot of the chart. They might have changed it to make it more convenient in the last 2 years since I used it.
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  • @diaphena and @meggyme - I found a screenshot to be the easiest way on mobile.
  • diaphenadiaphena member
    edited January 2018
    Thanks y'all. I found a way to share from the full site but I'm almost always on mobile so I'll try a screenshot next time.  Let me see if this link works:

    Edited cause it didn't work the first time.. whoops
  • @diaphena I see it. I think the high temp during your period might be throwing it off.
    DD1: June '16 DD2: March ‘19 :::: Married since 2011 :::: USN Wife ::::
  • @meggyme I bet you're right, I didn't even think of that.
  • Finally at 1 DPO! WOO!
    How are you ladies doing?
  • I'm home with laryngitis! Fun!
    Me: 36 | DH: 35 | Married: 9.17.16
    Diminished ovarian reserve
    BFP: 4/14/2020 EDD: 12/20/2020
  • @dreamscapes_ oh no! I hope you start feeling better soon.
    DD1: June '16 DD2: March ‘19 :::: Married since 2011 :::: USN Wife ::::
  • @dreamscapes_ booo laryngitis! that is rough! do you still have your voice?
  • @meggyme It's getting there. Just annoying at this point.

    @kristah2 I do now, but I didn't yesterday. As long as I don't talk much, it sticks around.
    Me: 36 | DH: 35 | Married: 9.17.16
    Diminished ovarian reserve
    BFP: 4/14/2020 EDD: 12/20/2020
  • Yay @diaphena!!!! I hope that line continues to get darker, but a line is a line. Congratulations!
    DD1: June '16 DD2: March ‘19 :::: Married since 2011 :::: USN Wife ::::
  • Congrats @diaphena!!! So happy to hear!!
  • Using this as my introduction. I just had my IUD removed on the 7th. We put it off for a while for several different reasons. The top reason was the fact I was on meds for PPD from having DD. But now that we are actively TTC, it’s all I can think about of course, so I felt like I needed to jump on in. It’s nice to have others to chat with during WTO and TWW!

    Month/Cycle: 1/1

    CD: 9

    WTO - WAYDTGKU: tracking cycle and cm. Got lucky and AF came the day after getting IUD out. Shocking because I was only having a light one every three months or so. BD every other night starting Monday. 

    CS/Q: No questions.

    R/R: Came down with a nasty virus yesterday. Fever, chills, body aches, etc. I’m so glad it was 1.the weekend and 2. Not my fertile week.

    GTKY: Who was your FIRST celebrity crush? Jake Gillenhaul(sp?) in October Sky

    Looking forward to getting to know you all more! :)
  • Congratulations @diaphena!!!
  • I’ve been lurking to check in on everyone during my bump cut back and just saw this @diaphena!! CONGRATS!!  :)
  •  I'm behind on the news, but congrats @diaphena!!!! 
    DS1 born 2/28/16
    DS2 due 12/12/18

  • maureenmcemaureenmce member
    edited January 2018
    @diaphena YAY!  I'm so happy for you!

    @kristah2 Glad you finally locked down your O date and it wasn't early!

    @dreamscapes_ So sorry you have laryngitis! Are you better now?

    @JLaVO888 Welcome! Sorry about the virus, hope you're better now! 

    Quick question for everyone - has anyone else had trouble using their app or even just this website on their cell phone? The last week or so I can't reply or even love tit, even though it says I'm logged in. Frustrating! But I have been lurking!

    Anyway, WTO/TWW - I go here now! Woo!

    Month/Cycle: 1/1 **TW after loss **TW

    CD/DPO: According to the FF app I am CD22 4DPO, but I have not been temping, so this is just kind of a guess. Based on CM I was monitoring, I am pretty sure I O'd like 4 days earlier. But we'll see!


    TWW - Timing: Based on FF estimation, -3, -2, -1 and +1

    TWW - Testing - I'm going to test early because we really HIO like crazy this fertile window and I am hopeful! Probably will test Friday to see if I can have wine, then test every other day until (hopefully not!) AF arrives.

    CS/Q: Nope! Haven't temped!

    R/R: No time for rants or raves, lol, just floating along in this crazy schedule. I can't wait until February 21st when we wrap and I'll get four days off!

    GTKY: Oh this will show my age for sure - Jordan from New Kids on the Block, lol. I had terrible taste as a kid.
  • Sorry, I know this is last weeks thread, but...

    @diaphena CONGRATS!!

    @dreamscapes_ and @JLaVO888 I hope you are both feeling better!

    @kristah2 Congrats on pinpointing your O date!  It's still an enigma to me.  :D

    @maureenmce Jordan Knight was also my love!  Guilty pleasure confession of the day: I've seen NKOTB 4 times in the past 8 years and my girlfriends and I will probably go see them again if they continue to tour...I just can't stop. :D  

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  • @clbness I'm not alone! Lol. I'd quote a NKOTB lyric to you but my memory is getting rusty in my old age, haha. That's an awesome guilty pleasure. My best friend is obsessed (still) with Hanson and has seen them as an adult multiple times. I went with her for a couple shows, even though I'm not a fan personally, and it was actually super fun to have a dose of nostalgia and guilty pleasure.
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