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Popping back in

You guys! I am (possibly) back, at least for a bit. I have had such a crazy last few months. Right before Halloween, my grandma fell and broke her shoulder. It was a pretty bad break; she had to have surgery to put a plate and six screws in it. We stayed in the hospital with her for four days, then we took her home to our house. A week after the surgery, my mom came up from Florida and my brother, his wife, and their four kids came from Chicago. We decided to get a family picture by the lake, so we were all lining up, and my grandma fell *again*, this time rolling down the hill a couple of times. Back in to the doctor (which is two hours away, by the way), and the second fall jammed two of the screws through the bone and into the socket. She had to have another surgery to replace those screws. She also had to have an ECG done in her heart, and they found a blockage, so she has to have a catheter and possibly a stent put in on Friday (surgery number three for those of you following along at home!). She is receiving physical and occupational therapy twice per week each and a nurse once per week here at my house, and we have to go to her surgeon every four weeks for follow up.

Since she is staying with us, my uncles decided this was a good time to put better flooring in her house, so a whole bunch of family have been coming every two to three weekends to work on that and staying in the extra bedroom here. I love having them here, but it is a lot of extra work!

Baby is still super clingy. I have gotten to the point that I can put her down for ten or so minutes, but then she will freak out, especially if I am in another room. This means that I get approximately zero done all day and I feel beyond guilty that my husband has to come home and do all the stuff I am supposed to be doing. She has been sleeping okay, not great, but this last week she has turned into a monster at night.

Add on top of all that, my husband and I are having problems. In addition to the expected new baby transition, it is winter, which is really hard for everyone around here financially, and he is having a hard time with my grandma being here for so long. We have no alone time, no sex life, and we are arguing/fighting all the time.

Whew! Sorry to unload all of that on you guys. I am just feeling super overwhelmed and anxious. I feel like I am trying to do everything for everyone, and I end up doing nothing for anybody. I can’t guarantee that I will be here more often, but I will try to pop in every so often. Know that I am thinking of you all and hoping the very best for you, especially @SpongeWorthy ! Love!!!!!

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  • @NutellaToast

    Having a new baby is challenging and can add a lot of chaos while you try to work out a new routine. We are all going through this change in life as well so we understand the frustrations that come along with it. Hang in there and keep trying to do your best. It will get better. Also, don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. I have asked my mom if she could come over for an hour or so while I did dishes or laundry or something a couple times.

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    I am so sorry, honestly I am. I really truly had no intention to make you feel that way. I honestly just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you. I don’t even know what to say. I am so sorry.
  • Hi @NutellaToast
    I'm sorry you've had such trying time and I wish your grandma has a speedy recovery. Since you have extra family staying over, could they pitch in and help you out? You can also try baby wearing so you can get more done in the house. 
    New baby is a definitely a big transition for any relationship, on top of the added family stress. Try to go out on a date night at least once a week where you don't talk about the baby or family. I noticed my DH and I aren't as physical anymore because we're so focused on the baby. Doing things like making sure we kiss and cuddle at least once a day has been big for our relationship. 
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  • @NutellaToast, I am sorry to hear about your grandmother!
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