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My name is Lauren. I'd like to share my journey thus far with TTC. I am 37 years old, turning 38 this April and H is turning 45 this May, so by reproduction standards we are basically geriatric (although I don't agree with that). We have been TTC for some time now and my OB/GYN suggested that H do a semen analysis. I get AF regularly, every 26 days on the nose and ovulate the same day each month. H's semen analysis came back with him having only 3% normal sperm cells. The rest are amorphous, large heads, pin heads, coiled tails, etc. As you can imagine this news hit him hard. He went to see an urologist and received an ultra sound because they thought he had a varicocele. He also has to go back for another semen analysis this week, so fingers crossed.  

In the interim we were recommended to a RE, and the Dr's think an IUI would be the best course for us. We have our appointment on Jan 22. I am unsure what to expect and would love to connect with women who have had successful IUI's and discuss more.


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  • Hi Lauren. I’m Nicole I’m 37 and also hate the geriatric label. My fingers are crossed for you! We’re doing IUI for the first time this month too, or early next month. 
  • Fingers crossed for you as well! 

    Would love to stay in touch!
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  • Welcome and I hate that you are here with us. Wanted to maybe prep you for your consult with an RE.  My DH had only around 1 mil sperm and we were referred to RE and a urologist for him by my OBGYN. This whole time she told me not to worry about his count and we can always do IUI. Long story short, we saw the urologist (varicocele as well) who recommended surgery but we didn’t want to make decision on that until we met with RE who then explained to us that we were NOT an IUI candidate, (which was the opposite of what my GYN had been telling us) and that we needed to do IVF with his sperm count/quality. We decided against varicocele surgery as our RE thought even if it increased him sperm by a few million, it still wouldn’t put us into IUI range. So, went went on to IVF. 

    I truly hope this isn’t your case, but wanted to give you our experience since it is similar. Good luck on here and I hope you get your little miracle! 
    Me 30 DH: 31 Married for 7 years
    Dx: MFI
    TTC since 2016
    August 2017: IVF #1 (11 eggs retrieved, 8 mature, 3 fertilized with ICIS, 2 Frozen)
    FET #1:  October 11th -- Beta only 12. CP 
    FET #2: January 12th -- BFP!
  • Hi! Welcome and I'm sorry that you have to be here. But this journey of IF is sometimes a lonely one so if you are looking for a place to find encouragement or to just even share the tiniest event that you are going through, then you've found the right venue. The ladies here are great and supportive. GL on your next appointment with your RE!
  • Thanks for your response. Isn't it so crazy? 1 million seems like a lot as it only takes one! We are very anxious for our appointment. 
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