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27 weeks fetal movement

does anyone else feel like some days the Baby moves a lot then others none at all? I was walking a lot yesterday, for about three hours and ever since I haven't felt the baby move. I would call my dr but it's Saturday and I don't want to go to the ER needlessly. Any similar stories out there? Thanks 

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  • @nsfranco yes - in the mid-20 weeks range I had days of very little movement and days with a lot and it did freak me out a bit. My OB said it’s normal at that point - usually baby still has enough room in there that you aren’t feeling all the movements that are actually happening. She told me to drink a glass of super cold water or eat something sweet and that should encourage some movement. Of course if you are really concerned because it’s been longer than you’ve gone so far with no movement, call your OB. They should have an answering service over the weekend and an on-call doc can call you back and talk you through it. They can help you decide whether an ER visit is necessary or not. GL!
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    They do go through sleepier phases when they've hit a growth spurt, just like little kids. But, for peace of mind, try drinking a glass of cold water/juice fairly quickly. Then, in a quiet place where you can concentrate, lay on your left side and see if that wakes baby. If you don't start getting some movement, try jostling your stomach or poking around to wake baby. Sometimes even doing some serious jostling at about 29 weeks I'd still only get kind of a crabby little repositioning movement in there from a baby who wanted to be left alone and it would take a lot to wake & get them going. If you're still worried, really it's better safe than sorry. Call or go in. Your doctor's office likely contracts with a nurse line over the weekend so someone is already waiting for a call. I wouldn't call for things that could wait until next appointment like asking about stretches you could do to make your back feel better but this is fine. You're not interrupting. 
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  • Thank you both for commenting. Reading you posts made me feel much better. I tried laying down for an hour and drinking some water and I can feel her moving around in there! So thank you!
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