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Breakthrough bleeding?

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Hi ladies.  I haven't been on this board in ages, but I need to talk to someone and of course the doctor's office is closed.  I don't know if I need to warn, but there may be some triggers in this post, and probably some TMI.  Also, I'm going to have to post and run, but please don't think I'm ghosting you.  I promise I'll be back.

History is ectopic in 2012, miscarriage with D&C in 2013, rainbow baby in 2014.  Took a couple years off, then 2 miscarriages in 2017 - in May and September.  D&C after each.  Saw an RE and he ran a bunch of tests.  Everything came back fine and he said, just keep trying.  Also possibly important is that my cycle is a little irregular- anywhere from 29-40 days.  Got my period right before Halloween.  I tracked, etc. in November and we were on schedule.  Took a test the day after Thanksgiving.  BFN.  Started period Nov 30 or Dec 1.  Like full-on 4 days of pretty heavy bleeding, just like a normal period.  Have NOT had sex since November (we've all been sick, there's been a lot of stress, with a 3 year old it's hard to find the time, and for personal reasons, I did not want to be in my first trimester at the end of January).  I've had spotting on and off since that period at the beginning of December, mostly brown but some light pink.  Thought my period was starting last weekend because spotting was picking up, but never materialized.  Thought it was starting earlier this week because spotting picked up, but never materialized.  Decided to take a test yesterday and it was a BFP.  Two Walmart pink dye and a clear blue digital all say BFP.  

Do we think the December "period" was breakthrough bleeding?  Has anyone had experience with period-like breakthrough bleeding?  Any other thoughts?  I've had some standard early pregnancy symptoms like sore boobs, slight nausea, super tired, but there has also been a fair amount of stress in my life the last 2 months.  Obviously I'm going to call the doc on Monday, but that's a long way away.  Any help or thoughts are appreciated!
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Re: Breakthrough bleeding?

  • @TheFutureMrsD - From the timeline you gave, it sounds like you could've experienced some implantation bleeding (depending on the timing of your November sex) in December. I haven't experienced it myself, but I know many people say it could be confused for a period (especially because the timing is similar). Fingers crossed for you!
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