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Physical health check-in 1/12

This thread is for those who are trying to maintain physical activity throughout pregnancy. It can be walking around the block, hitting the gym, training for a marathon, and everything in between.

There is no physical activity too small during pregnancy. 

How far along?

How did this week go for you?

How are you feeling about your exercise?

Gtky question request- What are your go to workout tunes?

Re: Physical health check-in 1/12

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  • How far along?

    21 weeks today

    How did this week go for you?

    I didn't make it to the gym but I did yoga at home 3 nights this week 

    How are you feeling about your exercise?

    Yoga has been a life saver for my hips and general pelvic area so I'm definitely going to keep that up

    Gtky question request- What are your go to workout tunes?

    Thanks for this @suchaglencoco!  I'm not doing anything strenuous so I don't feel like I need to listen to anything upbeat and motivational which is actually making it harder to choose something to listen too.  I try to listen to something I know all the words too to make the time go faster so I usually end up with a soundtrack to a musical

  • So at the gym this week, one of the regulars asked how much longer I thought I could keep it up. Him and I have a fun give and take so at first I thought he was kidding. When I said "I am hoping to make it to 32 weeks, so 10 more weeks" he gave me the most surprised look I have ever seen. I explained how others at the partner gym and one of the trainers actually worked out until right before birth.
    I don't know if he was thrown off because he's at guy and doesn't get that women are amazing or if he thinks me, personally, won't be able to keep going, or what. It kind of freaked me out!
    I talked to DH about it and he said that he has confidence I can surpass my goal, but that I may need to cut back to the regular 30 minute workout and not the double workout I do. Also a little disheartening, but he's probably right. And I know any exercise is good. And then he reminded me we have a treadmill and there's no shame putting my gym membership on hold and just walking for 30 minutes a night instead.  That just seems so boring now! 
  • @suchaglencoco you can do it! I agree that he just doesn't understand how strong women are  ;)

    I also agree that if you have to switch to treadmill walking at some point, there is no shame in that. I'm going to exercise as intensely as I can for as long as I can, but I realize the intensity is going to keep declining. I already am taking more breaks between sets and my slow running pace would have been laughable pre-pregnancy, but at least I'm still moving!
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  • @mileswithmyles @MissusTexas Let's just say it's fluid.  My weight gain is ridiculous (22lbs) yet I still fit into the same jeans and shirts I was wearing at 12 weeks.  Or maybe just boob growth?  I think the numbers are scary.  Maybe look at pictures of yourself instead?  Or don't look at anything and know that our bodies are gaining what they need especially because we are active and not just sitting around doing nothing eating bon bons on teh couch. (my husbands saying, don't even know what a bon bon is.) 
    @silverhope I have been doing a lot of squats too.  I heard this helps a lot with labor....I hear a lot of things and believe them.  Don't know if that is good or bad. 
    @bjkay22 It's hard to find a balance between the buzz and not overdoing it when pregnant. I think any sort of activity is good though.
    @suchaglencoco 45 minutes is not that far off from 60. Way to go.  And all the women in my class are shocked that I do the workout classes. It's weird. I guess they are an older bunch and it was a different mindset when they were pregnant. I plan on going until it's uncomfortable. 

    25 +4

    Ladies, I am back at it this week so far (and back at checking into this thread:

    Walked 2 miles in the snow
    2 weightlifting classes
    1 aerobic class
    30 minutes stair climber 30 minutes elliptical

    I plan to go to both morning aerobic classes this weekend and walk outside. It's supposed to be beautiful here in CT.

    Workout Music:  I listen to whatever is on in the classes. When I am doing a solo workout I listen to a podcast or book on tape.  For some reason music doesn't do it for me and makes the time go by slower. 

  • @suchaglencoco I say go for as long as you feel you can!  I've resorted to just walking on the treadmill at this point, which I had a hard time wrapping my head around.  After coming off of running so much, it felt like it was a "waste" but really, any movement is good!

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  • @justsuzie nice job at getting back at it! (I wish the bump had the bicep flexing emoji ha)

    I hear/read a lot of things and believe them too. And then I read the exact opposite and get paranoid and delve into the rabbit hole of online articles  :D  But I do think squats are good! So I'm sticking with those :)
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  • @suchaglencoco My guess is he has no familiarity with pregnancy and/or the pregnant women he has known have taken it super easy and not worked out? I think you have a great goal!

    @justsuzie nice job this week! Music also makes the time go slower for me... I prefer TV or podcasts or if I'm outside a new running route works too.

    As you all have kind of touched on, I'm having a hard time figuring out "how much is too much" as well. There were a couple workouts I ran and did a lot of leg work, and both of those nights I had a lot of braxton hicks. Even though the workout felt good at the time I felt like my body paid for it later? It's hard to figure out!

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  • @suchaglencoco I’d take that as a challenge! Women are amazing and even if you have to scale back any exercise is good. 

    -23 weeks tomorrow 
    -I’ve been walk/running with the double stroller because my single has a flat. I’ve been doing short barre workouts. I’m officially back up to prepregnancy weight so I’m cleared to hit it hard again!! I’ve been trying to eat extremely clean as well since I can’t use ice cream as a way to gain now. 
    -I actually listen to books while I run/walk. It’s like the only “me” time i get sometimes. For barre workouts I use Pure Barre on demand and don’t put on music. 
  • Thanks ladies, and I definitely am taking it as a challenge! 
    I think I should add walking the treadmill once or twice a week, maybe on the weekends since it's hard to get to the gym during their weekend hours.
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