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Terrified of VBAC

I'm 35 years old and pregnant with my 3rd child. My children will be 17 and 13 years old by the time the baby gets here. I had a very traumatic labor and delivery with both of them (I tore very badly which resulted in massive blood loss and required an episiotomy with the oldest and endured an emergency C-section with the youngest, both labors were induced) I had them young but now that I'm older, I'm terrified of what labor will be like for me this time around. I have an appointment coming up so I'll discuss my concerns with my doctor. I'm nervous about attempting a VBAC but not thrilled about another c-section. Any advice or suggestions? 

Re: Terrified of VBAC

  • Why were you induced with your older children?  I think that has a lot to do with how successful you can be when attempting to VBAC. 
  • I was induced with the oldest because I had pre-eclampsia toward the end. I was induced with my youngest son because I almost 42 weeks. 
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  • Of course this is a very personal decision but what made it easier for me to decide to go for VBAC was to find a supportive doctor who is experienced with VBAC who will calmly lay out the facts and risks.  The other huge part of it for me was to have a birth doula talk me through it.  I’m hoping for my second VBAC in October :)
  • My doula was the world to me when I attempted my first VBAC! Keeping me steady and calm emotionally so my body could relax for the birth. It was exactly what I needed and the labor & birth went very well. This time I'm attempting my 2nd VBAC and have a midwife who so far is fantastic. I haven't had great Dr experiences and had all kids of interventions with my first which ended in an emerg c-section anyways. It was a mess. Didn't want to relive that, so I hear you. Get yourself surrounded by supportive people and inform yourself of many options that will make this labor the most freeing and smooth possible. Believe in yourself. And I don't know if it works for everyone, but I saw a chiropractor the week before I was due with #2, 2 days in a row, then it was a Sunday so he said come back Monday and I actually ended up having my baby early that Sunday. Didn't need the third appointment! He didn't crack any bones or do anything remotely harsh- he used that mallet/ little hammer thing and just tap tap on the back, lower back, hips & pelvis area. He said it would help open things up for the birth and wow I never guessed how effective that was! So maybe that's an option for you, especially if your prone to go beyond your due date? Anyways hope this helps and good luck!
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