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Hi all. I'm new to this so I'll take any input. Henry is 4 months old and has had a cold for a little while. We have noticed some mucus in his diapers and his poop has been more watery than usual for a couple of weeks. His dad and grandparents think it might be my breast milk but I dont think that's the case. Anyone experience something like this? The mucus and the unsolicited input from grandparents? Thanks guys

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  • Yes viruses can cause mucousy bowel movements. 
  • Yep that is normal with a cold. It is mucus. It will stop when the cold goes away. As for input from grandparents .. My oldest is 8 and I haven't figured that part out besides have it go in one ear and out the other. 
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  • ^^wss.

    Teething is also a cause of weird mucusy poops and that starts for a lot of babies now.

    While something you're eating can cause a baby to have mucusy poops, it's unlikely to suddenly start happening at this point, unless you made a huge change in your diet. Example would be suddenly eating diary, soy or meat for the first time since baby was born. 
  • We had this problem when little bit got his first virus. My doctor recommended a probiotic that goes in his milk. Florastar, I believe. It worked great.
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