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Is non-smelling yellowish discharge normal at 7 weeks preg.?

I am having an oderless, non-itching light yellow discharge. Is this normal or should I be concerned? I am currently 7w2days pregnant! 

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  • Thanks! I have my first appt. this Wednesday! I will mention it to my OB DR. This is my second pregnancy but every little symptom I seem to worry! Just ready for my apt so they can tell me all is okay.
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  • Good timing! Def mention it to your OB at your appt to at least put your mind at ease. Good luck! 
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  • Not to be too TMI but I find my normal cervical mucus can be tinted yellowish by my seemingly fluorescent prenatal vitamin colored urine when I wipe. Heh

    But I agree with Frenchie, if it's not smelly, itchy, or burning I wouldn't freak out too much and just ask your doctor about it. Good luck at your appointment! 
  • I asked my doctor and she said all is normal. Could be from prenatal vitamins or just the hormones. She didn’t find it at all concerning since I wasn’t having any issues with it. 
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