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I have found an awesome FB group for my Aug 17 baby and it has made me really want to join an Jan 17 group. Do we have one, are any of you on one, or would aby of you be interested in starting one for us mom's that are still around this group? 

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  • I think there was one way back when we were all getting ready to give birth.  Not sure if its still a thing.  I might join one now though
  • I would join one! 
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  • If you search for “January 2016 babies” there are a couple of groups that look active. 
  • I’m in one for January 2016 from this page called J16 Babies. No one is really using it but we should! I’d much prefer that to the Bump website. 
  • @mamadcb Do you know if you can add people by email address, or do you have to be friends with people to add them? I’d be up for us switching over. 
  • I'd definitely be interested! 
  • It looks like I can add email addresses. If you message me yours I’ll give it a try!
  • [email protected] (let me know if it doesn’t work!)
  • @krrpe99 Looks like it should have sent you an email invitation! Let me know if you don’t get it. 
  • When I searched for J16 Babies I saw a group that said it had 10 people in it.  Is that the one? I couldn't see anything else as the group was private...  I'm not sure what email address my fb account is under but once I check it I'll send it to you in case that's how to be added.  Thanks !
  • That sounds like the right one, @juliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
  • I believe I found it and requested to join! Excited to put real names to each of you lol
  • @krrpe99 did you get the invite?
  • I sent an invite in as well. 
  • maureenmcemaureenmce member
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    I think I found it and requested to join too! Woo! :)
  • I requested to join also :smile:
  • I finally made it on facebook and joined
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