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3rd Trimester

Weight gain and family problems

I've been having a hard time with my body image throughout my pregnancy. I'm 36 weeks pregnant today, and I want to be excited, but I have a certain family member who makes it very hard ; saying things like " you should just throw all your old clothes out,  you'll never fit into them again", and buying waaaaaay oversized clothes for me,reassuring me "you'll need them". I know I shouldn't listen to her, but its hard when its everyday. Besides that she's family and I can't help the what if she's right feeling. I was just hoping if someone else has gone though this if they had any advice, thanks. 


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    "I don't appreciate comments about my weight and wardrobe. I'm asking you to stop saying anything to me about that from now on."

    As far as gifts, I would say, "I'm afraid these are way too big. Do you have a receipt so I can exchange them?" And if she says, "Oh, you'll need them soon enough," I'd say, "I'm afraid I just won't need them. Would you like them back, or should I donate them?"

    If this were me, I would just use their comments as incentive to work hard on getting back to pre-baby shape! It sounds to me like she may be projecting if she's ever had a baby and isn't thrilled with the way her body looks. 
  • I know it’s easier said than done, but just ignore it. Has she ever had a baby and she have a hard time losing the weight or something? Either way it goes, you’re creating a beautiful human inside of you, you are PREGNANT for goodness sake so all the negativity just ignore it. Every mama is different and every mamas timing is different with looosing baby weight but it is very possible to fit your clothes again, so she should stop assuming what your post pregnancy would be like. 
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