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CP when to expect bleeding

I am currently going through a chemical pregnancy. I got a BFP on new years eve. I had bloodwork done yesterday and HCG levels were down to 5. Today I would be 4 weeks 1 day. 

5 seems like a very low number and I'm surprised I haven't started bleeding. Just wondering if anyone had any insight as to when I should expect bleeding? I guess I'm hoping this won't drag out for weeks...

I'm also wondering if we can start trying again right away. My doctor didn't say to wait a cycle or anything like that, and I forgot to ask. Can you normally continue trying right away after a CP?

Thank you ladies

Re: CP when to expect bleeding

  • Please don't take this the wrong way but have you been told you're definitely miscarrying? Have your numbers dropped to 5 from something higher or was that your first test? Sorry for the inquiry but from your initial post I'm just a bit unclear. At 4 weeks having an HCG level at 5 doesn't necessarily mean you are out (unless its dropped to 5 and you have something to compare it to). The numbers start quite low. Yes 5 is low but you may want to test again in a few days. 
  • @40momma thank you for responding. Yes, unfortunately the doctor did confirm a miscarriage, said the levels are far too low to be viable. I started to bleed this morning so I guess that answered my question. 

    I'm finding it very difficult even though it was so early on. I guess we'll just keep trying and hope for the best :)
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  • I'm so sorry to hear. Yes, no matter what stage you are at, a mc is heartbreaking. Take some time for yourself. I find talking about my losses with others who have been through it really helps. We are here for you. 
  • Oh and to answer your initial question, Dr's will almost always recommend waiting at least 1 cycle before trying again. 
  • Waiting one cycle after CP is more about making sure that you can properly date your next pregnancy. Since a CP is not a period, it can be difficult to know where you're at if you get pregnant right after because you won't have a reliable LMP to go off of. It won't hurt you to get pregnant right away, but it definitely won't hurt you to wait. 

    I'm sorry for your loss. If it helps CP's are really common, and it is likely that your future pregnancies will be just fine.

    Good luck, I'll keep you in my thoughts. 
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