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Hormone levels aren't rising as they should be.

I am (estimated) 6.5 weeks today. I was having some bad cramping without bleeding last week and called my doctor. She brought me in for blood work 2 days apart to monitor hormone levels. I got a call today saying that my levels rose a "little bit" but didn't double as they were expected to. I am still experiencing some nausea and breast tenderness. Has anyone else experienced this? I am worried things aren't working out like they're supposed to.

Re: Hormone levels aren't rising as they should be.

  • Did they tell you what your levels actually were?
    Levels below 1,200 will double roughly every 24-48 hours. Levels up to 6,000 will increase about 60% every 48-72 hrs. After 6,000 hcg is usually null and void, and your progress and viability should be monitored via ultrasounds, not hcg levels.

    I had BW done at 6-7 weeks (3 draws) because I had cramping and spotting. Ultrasound showed correct growth and a heartbeat flickering away. However, my hcg levels were around 5,000 and my OB told me that while the u/s was great, my levels weren't progressing "well" (growth of 60-something-percent over 4 days, I believe), and that they didn't want to give me too much hope. I'm now almost 16 weeks along.

    All this to say -- at 6.5 weeks, your levels are likely above 5,000 and they should be going by an ultrasound versus your hcg levels to see the progress of the pregnancy.

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    My first test was 10,994 miu/ml and the second was 15,531 miu/ml. So it sounds like maybe it won't be doubling every 2 days now since it's so high? 
    Thank you for the information. The nurse I spoke with on the phone was just really discouraging and I was so flustered I didn't know what questions to ask. I have my first ultrasound appointment in a couple weeks. 
    Congratulations to you:) it's good to hear everything is going well. 
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  • @beauty_b23 - Yeah, if you're above 10,000, you won't be doubling for quite a few days.
    At 6.5 weeks, your level is awesome. Like I said - mine was like 5,000/6,000 at 6 weeks and my last draw at just over 7 weeks was like 8,000 or something like that. So I wasn't even close to doubling in 48-72 hrs.

    Definitely take anything you're being told with a grain of salt.
    I cried on the way home after my appt and getting my blood draw results, and had friends who calmed me down and shared the information I shared with you, which prompted me to do my own research.
    At this point - don't focus on your HCG levels. They're going in the appropriate direction, and honestly, they're doubling in the appropriate time. Wait for the ultrasound, and go from there.

    Me: 30 | DH: 34 | DSS: 14 | DS: 4
    PG #2, EDD 10/12/2023

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