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Starting Solids

This was touched on in the milestones thread, but I thought a separate place to discuss would be helpful.  

Right now we're following the advice of our pediatrician.  She said he could start at our 4 month appt, but we waited until 5 months.  We're currently at the tail end of her recommended 7-10 days of 1 tsp rice cereal mixed with formula or breast milk.  Next we'll move to 7-10 days of 2 tsps rice cereal.  She said we could do this all at once or at 2 times in the day.  I think I'd rather do twice, but realistically I'm not sure we have time in the morning for that so we might do it all at night for now.

After that is where it becomes fuzzy so I need to talk to her again.  She said try green veggies first, same veggie for 2 days then the 3rd day off (for possible allergic reasons).  I'm just not sure how much of the green veggie to give.  After green veggies she said move to orange, but the 3rd day can be a green veggie from the first round.  I'm not sure how long we do this or when we move to fruits.  

Has anyone else started solids yet?  Nuggets of wisdom from STM+ moms?

Re: Starting Solids

  • We started solids about 2 weeks ago (just after 5 months). We didn’t start with rice cereal. We started with mashed potatoes since that’s what we weee eating and LO kept trying to eat mine! We have also done peas, green beans, avocado, carrots, bananas, sweet potatoes, and pears. I did 2 days of each before introducing another. LO will usually eat about 2oz at a time of the solids. 
  • We started solids at 5.5 mo. We started with fruit and veggie purees. I have also given her very soft cooked carrot sticks. I use a combination of more traditional approaches and baby lead weaning.

    I do one new food for at least 2 days before adding a new one. I only say "at least 2 days" because I am not rigid about adding new foods at certain intervals. 
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  • With my first, I gave a new food every Monday. Gave her for 3 days straight and then mixed it up with others that were deemed safe from previous weeks. NOW, with ds I’m not as cautious. I try to make sure he only eats the same specific new food for 3 days but dh just goes in with whatever if I’m not right there when he feeds him. Veggies first! Do what you’re comfortable with!
  • Anybody have thoughts on strawberries? I was going to do a strawberry banana mix, but not sure when to start strawberries!
  • We started at 4 months and have done tons of baby foods (bananas, strawberries, blueberries, Apple, carrots, peas, green beans, and probably others). LO also frequently has peanut butter and eggs, though never on the same day. She also gets little tastes of what we're eating (mashed potatoes, chicken noodle soup, pasta, cinnamon roll, and probably lots more that i can't remember right now!). And she LOVES yogurt!

    We started with a sippy cup at 5ish months with a dash of juice with some water. She doesn't drink much from the sippy yet, just trying to help her get used to it.
  • My baby doesn't sit up yet but I'm going to start with egg yolk and broth! He will be 6 months soon. 
  • We started solids at 4 months and began with rice cereal mixed with breast milk. Unfortunately LO could not process the rice cereal no matter how liquidy I made it or how much I was giving him. He was going 3-4 days without a bowel movement and had terrible gas pains. I let his doctor know and she said to go ahead and try orange and yellow veggies and stone fruits.

    LO LOVES veggies and fruits. He eats them like a champ and is super regular now lol. I introduced a veggie/fruit and kept him eating the same one for 3-4 days and then introduced a new one. 
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