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  • channy94 said:
    Boy or girl ?
    Ok. I'm going to take this somewhat seriously. Have you even read ANYTHING about the Ramzi theory? Did you even try to figure it out yourself before posting on here?

    Because if you had, you would know that, even if the Ramzi theory is a real thing (it's not), this ultrasound cannot possibly tell you whether it's a boy or girl. The Ramzi theory involves a considerably more zoomed out view of your uterus. In all the example photos online, the baby is a tiny spec in the utuerus. (This ultrasound also looks considerably further along. If that is actually your baby in your uterus, that baby is huge for being an early ultrasound like what is used for Ramzi!) Also, with how blown out the photo is (the entire area around the uterus being white), it's impossible to tell where the placenta is. 
  • @MLS6212 dang it!!! now I want ribs haha 
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  • Take this with a grain of salt, but this looked like my two boy's ultrasounds.  My DD's was totally flipped.  That may be a coincidence though.

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