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Diaper cover recommendations

My 5 month old is quickly growing out of his newborn/size 1 diaper covers, but I'm being very indecisive about which brand I should buy in a bigger size for my tall and fairly lean boy with chunky thighs. 

We use prefold diapers with a snappi and currently have four size 1 Thirsties duo wraps, one Blueberry mini coverall, and one one-size Flip.  They all seem to work fine, although I have some qualms about each one. I wish the Thirsties had two levels of snaps and the Flip had double gussets. 

I really like the Blueberry mini coverall, but it seems to have a lower rise than the other two brands and it can be hard to tuck the prefold inside all the way.  Has anyone used the larger size?  I keep reading it runs large, but the mini seems to run small to me so I'm very confused!

Are there any other brands that you would recommend?


Re: Diaper cover recommendations

  • I use the Thirsties size 2 Duos. 
  • If you are looking for cheaper price, I recommend you check out online stores like Amazon there are a lot of varieties there plus you can compare prices. I have used Bloom's cloth diaper Cover with double gusset before I switched to Pampers
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    Rumparooz and Blueberry Capris have a double row of snaps, and a double-gusset.
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