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Ameda Pump Issues

Hoping someone can help me & point me in the right direction.  

My son is a month old & I exclusively pump.  From the time he was born I have used both a medela symphony (rental, hosp grade) and the ameda finesse pump (brand new).  In the last 24 hours my Ameda pump seems to have made up its mind that it doesn't want to do its job.  I have checked all parts & connections.  Put in new valves and yet i barely pump 1 oz total at each session.  Motor is running fine.  Flanges have good suction & they are definitely pulling they way they should.  I have the Medela at work so I hook up to it as soon as i get in.  The Medela pump is working perfectly & i'm getting out at least 4 oz total at a session (over 8 oz in the morning when i'm engorged).  I know there isn't an issue with my supply, its clearly the Ameda pump.

Any other suggestions on what is up with the Ameda pump?  I have to travel & i'd much rather travel with the Ameda than lug around the heavy Medela. 

Re: Ameda Pump Issues

  • I was waiting to see if someone with an Ameda pump could help with this. I don’t have one, but I’d say your best bet is to contact Ameda.
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