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MBF - 1/1/2018

I may not know how to GIF, but I sure know how to bitch. 

Let's hear 'em, ladies!!

Re: MBF - 1/1/2018

  • @amylonghorn SAME. I love my brother to death,  but we got no thank you in the way out. My dad tried to make him pay DH 100 for helping him move out. Haven't seen a dime and don't plan on it. Ungrateful is an understatement.
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  • @mdfarmchick - I’m fuming with you. As someone who just got diagnosed with an irritable uterus (and your symptoms sound a sneeze away from the same diagnosis), I would have been seething if someone said that to me. I would have wished things on her that I would have later regretted (you know, like an insanely irritable uterus and all sorts of general discomfort). 
    I’m generally super laid back but when someone tries to talk down to me about something I’m struggling with and they’re totally inexperienced, it gets to me big time. You have my sympathy!!
  • It’s not Monday anymore but I’m 98% sure my DS has caught the stomach bug that’s been going around and I want to cry. He’s been sick 3 times today but is acting completely normal otherwise. I’m feeling kind of nauseous now and I’m gonna be pretty upset if I got what he has, if that is even what he has. Ugh. 
  • Not Monday, but mom in law just let us know she won't babysit for us when we go on vacation in 2 weeks. In her defense, she never said yes, but I'm still annoyed...
    I just wanted one stress free vacation before the baby comes, and now it's got me all riled up and DH really upset at me....
  • When did y'all ask her @paigew123 ? That's terrible timing on her part to make up her mind not to watch your LO.
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  • @cford08 thank you! The hardest part is not giving him any milk. He is seriously addicted and won’t drink anything else! And he still likes to have some before he goes to bed. So it’s definitely gonna be a long night. 
  • @cford08 she never actually said she'd take him, but she/her high school daughters are always complaining they don't get to see DS enough and that they love having him over. 
    Dh also kept saying oh yeah they'll do it without a prob (it's only 4 days) but now she doesn't want to "tie herself down" he's in daycare all day, it's not like he'd Need to be entertained...
    shes entitled to say no, but my hormones are outta wack and the timing isn't perfect for disappointment. 

  • @mdfarmchick Omg, I hate crap like that. Just because she's a nurse she thinks she knows... nope.
  • @mdfarmchick Yeah, sister needs to quiet down. Irritable uterus here and the last thing you’re going to find me doing is something that triggers more contractions when I’m having too many/on the verge of having to be monitored. Hence the reason they suggest drinking water and laying down............... some people. If we were closer to 37 weeks, fine, but no. 

    Hopd your LO feels better and you stay well @BrittnieMariee
  • @mdfarmchick - yeah welcome to the club! It seems like there’s a sliding scale of “irritability” so it’s hard to know how easy to take it. I second the brisk walking. I tried to walk briskly just around the corner of a building to get out of the -10 degree wind and nearly peed myself and started cramping up. No thanks to making that a habit!
  • Omg @vflux33 yes yes yes. Amen. I want to love this comment again. Ps, how are you feeling?
  • @mdfarmchick I'm still pretty run down and no voice, but the worst has definitely passed. I'm really glad I got on tamiflu and sudafed! 
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