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How are the older siblings doing with baby? 
My first son is five and I think that age gap is really working for us. He is so sweet with baby and helpful! 
Right now his thing is playing robot boxing or monster trucks and whoever is with him has to watch THE WHOLE time. Every few seconds it’s mom/darrin/grandma “watch!” “Are you watching” “watch this” “did you see”
and sometiems that’s just not possible so we are working it. 

What are some of the struggles you’re having with siblings? 
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Re: Siblings!

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  • Big sister is mostly really settled into her new role. We are also struggling with the constant demand for attention. We have a 4.5 year gap and I’m grateful for that. I don’t know how mommas do it with multiple little ones! They are amazing!
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  • We have a 4 year age gap, not intentional (had to do IVF due to secondary infertility) but it is really working out! Oldest is so sweet and helpful, wants to pick out baby’s clothes and diapers and he gives her the BIGGEST smiles (bigger than he’s ever given me!) Challenge is naps, baby naps way better being held but obviously my daughter needs help just enough to break up naps, leaving a cranky baby. Plus her insisting she needs help on things she knows how to do (jacket, shoes etc). I’m trying to remember her World was rocked and she’s only 4, so re-learning patience... but overall we are over the moon happy with our family.
  • We have a  21 month gap. Very well planned, but it's so hard sometimes! It's getting better by the day/week though. DS is now almost 23 months. It was such a very very hard adjustment since he was used to having my complete attention. He was perfect and never got in trouble, since DD came home, he has been in trouble for things like not listening, and acting out and the first few weeks it broke my heart since I know he wouldn't be acting out if he had all my focus still. BUT he is starting to get used to having a baby sister around. He will tell her it's ok when she cries, came and got me the other day when she spit up... He said ewe Alli pooped lol, everything is poop these days as we've been working on potty training. I feel guilty for not being able to entertain him as much as before, feel guilty for not being able to just hold and stare at DD as much as I did with DS. All in all though, I absolutely love being their mama and am trying to embrace each day so it don't fly by as fast. It's already going too fast!
    Ooooooooo y'all gotta listen to
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  • We have a 6 year gap.   At was tough,  as I said in my intro,  November is not a good time for me,  from October on is birthdays, holidays and obligations. It took a little toll on DD. She was an only child for so long, DS was born right before Halloween,  mommy couldn't go to all her events because of DS. 
    It's better now. She loves him,  loves holding him. He gives her big skills and" talks" to her. She was upset the past two days because she had a fever so we says she couldn't touch DS on the face or hands or give kisses.  

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