Cold Temp Question

Talk about "daddy brain".......

My daughter is just shy of 10 months old...

I have been very upset over recent decision to take my baby out in the cold.  It was about -1 celcius in Vancouver recently and I was so focused on keeping my daughters' body warm that I double layered everyting from her waist up.

I totally forgot to double layer her feet!

She was only wearing socks and was exposed to the weather for about 2 hours.  

Her feet were very cold when i realized my mistake.......

She did not fuss or cry, and quite frankly had the same personality as she had prior to heading out for the 2 hour journey.  

I checked the color of her skin and it was the same.....she was not shivering either.  She actually slept through most of the 2 hour trip outdoors.

Is there anything I should be concerned about?  I haev made an appointment to see the pediatrician soon to inform them about the situation.....

Re: Cold Temp Question

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    Did she have a blanket over her?  I hear your worry and I would be too, but if she had a blanket over her feet and socks, I'm sure she's fine.  Especially since you say the skin is normal in coloration.  If you stroke the bottom of her feet or tickle her toes does she seem to laugh and respond as before?  If so, then I'm sure your pedi will tell you that you are in the clear.  no discoloration and no loss in feeling = fine, in my non-medical opinion.
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    She had a blanket mainly over her upper stated total mistake on my end (I really dont know how I did not think to cover her feet).

    Looking back at pictures from that day the sight of just her socks in the cold makes me so upset.

    I tickle her feet and she reacts....but not really laughing much (i guess shes not super sensitive to the "tickle" aspect yet).....

    I will be going soon to see the pediatrician, due to time of year she had no space.

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    See my response on your other thread. Honestly, I wouldn't even go to my practitioner for something like this. 
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    See my response on your other thread. Honestly, I wouldn't even go to my practitioner for something like this. 
    I second this.  Wouldn't go if she's seems fine.  Similar to our other question.  I think your post mentioned it had been 2 weeks and healed find.  If you couldn't stop the bleeding or it was really deep, I would have taken her right away, but two weeks later and healed...not really needed IMO, but you already had the appointment.  
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