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Happy holidays, good wishes & thanks !

hi ! Just wanted to wish a great holiday season to all of you (a bit late for Christmas I realize but it's still holiday season :smile: and wanted to send best wishes for the new year.  I've really enjoyed the support, advice and info shared through this group and so a big thank you to you all here !  May 2017 end on a high note and 2018 start on an even higher one and of course wishing a great happy 2nd birthday to all your little ones in January and a big congrats to all the parents on 2 years of parenthood !  Can't wait to hear and share what adventures the big 2 will bring about :smiley:

Re: Happy holidays, good wishes & thanks !

  • Merry Christmas and happy new years to everyone as well! I cant wait to see what 2 brings! 
  • I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but Christmas with an almost 2 year old was fantastic. She was so much fun to watch experience all the lights and joys. I just loved it. 
    I hope everyone had a great time too and a fantastic new year!
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  • Happy New year to everyone! 
  • I agree @krrpe99. Not only do I have Brynlee who is almost 2, but I have my son who turned 3 on the 9th. They totally grasp the idea this year and really got into it (picture Tasmanian Devil opening presents x2). Both kids were also so much better around groups at family events. It was so nice to be able to somewhat relax and enjoy. 

    Happy holidays to you all!
  • Happy new year everyone!  Yeah, Rose LOVED Christmas this year, though she did have a hard time when it was over (taking down the tree = sobbing for 20 minutes.) But she's fine now and already looking forward to next year. :)
  • We haven't taken down our tree yet, I'm not looking forward to that! 
    We let Zack start opening presents a few days early since we weren't spending Christmas here and we didn't want to lug gifts to my parents house.  So he got to open at least 1 gift a day for 4 days.  The day after Christmas, he asked to open more presents.  He was very disappointed to learn that it wasn't an everyday thing
  • We haven't taken down the tree yet either !  We're usually the last ppl to do so waiting till longest possible, often end Jan.  On the present front, DD got a couple from us for Christmas and for her birthday.  It's about to continue though as family told us they sent some via mail for Christmas that haven't arrived yet (we've been cut off of mail for over a month where we live but hope the service will start again soon!) and we are having a fairly big birthday party tomorrow...  I don't think she expects them yet though, she seems super pleased with what she's gotten so far and after opening one she is so excited to play with that that she barely noticed there was another on both Christmas and her birthday... 
  • Our tree is still up. Birdie ended up in the hospital for 3 days the Monday before Christmas, so once she was released, it was a mad scramble to get everything done. (She's OK now. Just kind of everything happened at once--dehydration, acedotic, and white blood cell count elevated. They just plan to watch her with the thought that it may be something metabolic. She's back to her old self, though.)
    We spent all day Christmas Eve at church, so we kept it really low-key Christmas day. I didn't get her too many gifts, but it took her almost an hour to open just a few things. She wanted to play with everything then and there.
    The day after, we flew to California from Indiana to visit my family, and only got back on Tuesday night. I started back at work on Wednesday, so we've been climbing over suitcases and Christmas fallout since we got back. I'm looking forward to the weekend, so Birdie and I can recover from the 3-hour time change, and I can get some cleaning and putting away done.
  • Keaton doesn't live Christmas yet,  it was all very over stimulating for him,  he loved handing out presents but then he hid in the corner until it was all done. It was a good Christmas though.
    @stephanienjer sorry to hear about birdie. Hope she's feeling better!  
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