Oxytocin Nasal Spray

Has anyone used oxytocin nasal spray for milk production? I've been using Reglan prescribed by my OB and my primary doctor (also my aunt) has me worried enough about the side effects to stop taking it. I've seen a lactation consultant and tried lactation cookies, brewers yeast, fenugreek, mothers milk tea, motherlove more milk special blend, pumping before nursing, pumping after nursing, adding an extra pump.... you name it and I've tried it. My little man is almost 4 months old and I had hopes of nursing him at least one year. I recently had my copper IUD removed because it perforated my uterus and I think it played a part in my decreased production. If you have any advice on the nasal spray or any tips I may not have tried I would greatly appreciate the help. 

Re: Oxytocin Nasal Spray

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