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Sleeping pattern

My baby is two months old and i cant really get him to sleep on his own yet.many say dont hold him for to long but he seems to mostly be relaxed when mw or hubby hold and sing to him...what are the advices ...pls keep the negative comments out ...much appreciated 

Re: Sleeping pattern

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    We had a bed for my daughter right next to ours and could get her out and put her in with barely even getting up. 

    I would nurse her to sleep and then put her down. Often, she would wake up and want to nurse again, so I'd nurse her and put her down again. She'd keep waking up and I'd eventually leave her in bed with us so we could get some sleep. But we always, always started with trying to get her to sleep alone. 

    She used to sleep best with music so we'd have something playing, but we don't do that anymore. 

    Eventually, it got easier and easier for her to sleep alone, and now, we put her down and she sleeps through the night (this started at around 2.5 months). Now, at 6.5 months, I'm trying to put her to sleep awake more so she'll learn go to sleep by herself. 
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    Super thanks for your story is encouraging me to try. Indeed i also have the crib next to our bed .my baby is five days away from being 3 months . 

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