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  • Hi it's me again with another question  :# (maybe I should start the questions thread back up again?) Anywho... I just pre-registered at the Hospital for the delivery and I noticed on the form it asked who my PCP is. I have only gone to see a PCP once since I have lived in Texas and since establishing care at the office the doctor I saw has left. The office assigned me a new doctor but I have never met them in person. So my question is, should I make an appointment with this doctor before my due date? I don't have any medical reason to go in as I already had a physical less then a year ago (which is when I met with the previous Dr.). Just wondering if there is some reason for why I may want to meet with a PCP before baby gets here?    
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  • @JJMNO1616 list the PCP you’ve been assigned to, it’s just a formality for the hospital and there’s really no reason to go see him/her prior to birth. I’ve seen my PCP exactly once in the years I’ve been having babies, and it was between my first and second kids because I had an ear infection. Never would have met her otherwise! 
  • @kmalls, I am with you on the nesting! DH and I completely re-organized and got rid of a bunch of stuff in our attic and started the playroom/guest room. I’m looking forward to this pregnancy motivation to have an immaculately organized house. 
  • @JJMNO1616 I always put my PCP down as my OBGYN.  I'm sure that isn't exactly the right thing to do but I've seen my PCP once in I'm not sure how many years and I didn't like him at that visit.  
    It's not something where you need to make an appointment with the PCP.  I would just list the doctor that was assigned to you and call it good.
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  • @JJMNO1616 I think the ask for PCP in case they might need to get any records from them.  I only see mine once a year for a yearly physical.

    @mountainsmama I have had a pretty rough cough the past few days.  I can take robtussin, also have been using Vicks. I put it in my feet and put on socks and it's amazing how much better I feel each day I do that.  Hope you get better soon.


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  • @Dumbgurl04 @mountainsmama dang ladies, im over here with Pneumonia. I hope we all feel better fast! This crap is misery!
  • This should be a confession but both of my kids appear to be getting a bug (runny noses and low grade fevers). Dh took this whole week off and I’m slightly disappointed I don’t have a reason to call in to work if they are sick. 
  • Ringing in the New Year this morning with a champagne flute of ginger ale for my upset stomach
  • Thank you for your replies. I am mostly on my phone and have found I have needed to use my browser at times to accomplish certain tasks. May need to take my computer up to the library this week and use their internet for a day. I have plenty of updates to download between it and the phone. Haha
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