1st Trimester

HG mamas?

Terrified waiting for its appearance. Two HG pregnancies with the works. Zofran didn’t work for me with the latest and the first time around no such thing existed. (2002 and 2013)
if anyone can point me to where those ladies are hiding, I’m sure I’ll need someone to commiserate. 

Re: HG mamas?

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    I have had 2 HG pregnancies and now pregnant with my 3rd. My first one (2012) I ended up having to take time off my job because it was so bad. I did at home care and I was on an IV for almost 12 days with a Zofran pump for almost a month. My second one (2015) I was in the process of moving across the country so the only thing my doctor could do was give me the Zofran pills and by the time I had moved and settled and found a new OB the HG had already started to calm down. I am now pregnant with my 3rd and they won’t prescribe Zofran anymore so they gave me Diclegis and I hate it!! It does absolutely nothing for me except put me to sleep all day. 
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