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Pregnancy viability hell

Hi everyone, I'm just having a really hard time and looking for some kind of hope or comfort I guess. We had our first fet November 22nd after 2 retrievals that yielded only 3 normal embryos. This was supposed to be our highest quality one, since the transfer I've just been in like different stages of "hell." It feels like the worlds longest miscarriage. We started with a low beta of 15.8 at 9dp5dt, then the betas doubled well and we were given a tiny bit of hope but still told to prepare for the worst- the next week we had an u/s and we were measuring behind and told the odds are against us but we were "still in the game", then the next week we had another u/s and there was a sac and yolk but no fetus (this would be at exactly 7 weeks) and AGAIN we're told the odds are against us but there is a very small chance for a miracle but mostly it sounds like we'll just be confirming the inevitable at the next u/s or worse it'll be dragged out even longer. It's just been the most exhausting/depressing month and I can't keep having these small amounts of hope and am just trying to rebuild even though we haven't been confirmed for mc yet. So I guess what I'm wondering is did anyone have success on a second FET after a pgs miscarriage? 

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  • I'm sorry you're having a tough time. Please hang in there. I have no experience like yours to share because I just had my first failed IVF cycle last Nov, but I'll keep on hoping and praying that things will get easier and that the news you'll receive would be better.
  • I am so sorry that not only this doesn't seem to be going well,  but it just keeps dragging on and on.  ((((Hugs))))  My first transfer ended in a cp, and we just attempted another transfer so we shall see.  But we didn't do pgs, either.
    Me: 35 | DH: 42 ~ TTC May 2015 thru Dec 2017
    5/16 - Began Creighton Method CM Tracking / Napro Fertility Medicine | Progesterone + various abx cycles - all BFNs
    8/16 - SHG: ute good, at least one tube open | 10/16 - MFI Azoo dx confirmed. No known genetic cause. Vas deferens absent.
    3/17 - DH started Clomid to prepare for MESA/TESE | 4/17 - Initial RE Consult for me. | 7/17 - Successful retrieval for DH!
    9/17 - Two BTB IVFs  | 10/17 - Polypectomy  |  11/17 - 1st FET ended in CP | 12/17 - 2nd FET ... BFP!!! <3 EDD: 09/09/18

    Our little miracle is finally here!

  • Thanks for all your responses, they really help ❤️
  • Following because I’ve just gone through something similar. (Hugs) to you, I know exactly what your going though, and can relate 100% on the way you are feeling.

     **TW - after a BFP, We had a low rising beta, and were told with each blood test that our prognosis was not good. At 6 weeks, my beta started dropping, and I misscaried. It was the longest waiting period of my life. With bad news at every doctors visit, but too early for anything to be certain, I tried my best to be hopeful. We did transfer a PGS tested embryo. I too, would love to hear stories of a successful second FET after a genetically tested embryo ended in a MC. END TW*

    @DecemberDoll27 I agree, limbo is the worst! And I’m sorry for your loss. I hope your most recent transfer is going much better. @Artemis0685 Good to hear about your friends success! I’m so sorry for your loss. Good luck with your upcoming treatments, I’m hoping for a happy outcome for you! 
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