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Non gassy foods while breastfeeding

ive been doing some reading about what foods to avoid while breastfeeding...and I discovered that it is pretty much everything.

Has anyone had luck with their diet and a non-gassy baby? I know the big ones... dairy, coffee, chocolate, broccoli ....

What have you ladies been eating? Drinking? 

Re: Non gassy foods while breastfeeding

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    I’m allergic to the big things (dairy, gluten) and have been eating fruits, lactation power bites, and soups, not cruciferous veggies. The baby is still gassy and fussy. I’m basically dealing with it through gripe water and pumping her legs. I can’t figure out what is otherwise causing the gas. 
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    It was dairy for us, once I cut basic dairy that helped a ton. I tried taking fenugreek and thisle, big no no, he screamed and had gas all night, it’s still clearing out of my system. 

    Otherwise eating normally, no coffee but I’m more terrified he’ll be up all night if I drink it since he’s so sensitive to what I’m eating :)
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    Ive been seeing a lactation consultant. and she mentioned that it doesnt matter what we eat (unless babys allergic or sensitive) that it wont affect baby. you can cut everything and if babys gonna be gassy, theyre gonna be gassy. and if youre gassy, it doesnt mean baby will be. you can definitely try cutting foods, but it wont be immediate if that is the cause. we use mylicon drops to help his gas bubbles.
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