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Sleeping positions

Wondering if you ladies are sleeping on your backs or stomachs still. I’m 12 weeks and just started to grow a little belly. I read you should avoid being on your back but I’m curious at what point should you stop working out on your back and sleeping on your back. I’m a stomach sleeper so this is going to be hard lol. I’m still sleeping on my stomach but trying to train myself to sleep on my side. 

Re: Sleeping positions

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    To answer your question you can sleep on your stomach until you are uncomfortable. I will be 11wks soon and growing a bit already buts it’s still comfortable to be on it. As for your back i forgot what the suggested time is to switch to your side but sometime in second tri.
  • I'm a left side sleeper but my friend is 32 weeks pregnant and she said she slept on her stomach until around 20 weeks.
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  • hi @Knottie1451951183. I see you havent posted your info into the introduction thread or the spreadsheet. Could you do that so we could get to know you more? also please read the "read first" post as well. we prefer that people engage in the community a little but before starting individual threads. I sleep on my side and back until it becomes uncomfortable myself 
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  • Sure! I’m new to this lol so i have no idea how to do that but I’ll try to figure it out :) 
  • I’m a stomach sleeper too.  I believe as long as your able to comfortably sleep on your stomach it’s ok to do so.  At a certain point you won’t want to anymore, so it won’t be an issue. I tried not to sleep on my back in the later months of my last pregnancy.  Usually I’d hug a body pillow which kept me more comfortable and on my side.  
  • Yep, if I recall correctly you can sleep on your back until around 20 weeks. Then you need to switch to your side or else the baby is large enough to potentially put pressure on the blood supply vein.
  • a snoogle pillow is great if you have a hard time sleeping on your side as it supports your back and having the cushion between your knees helps a lot too later on
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  • There are also sleeping mats with belly holes to help out stomach sleepers  ;);) I am also a stomach sleeper and have a hard time in any other position. 
  • Per my doctor last pregnancy, sleep how your comfortable. When it’s not comfortable anymore, don’t do it. Your body will tell you. That was true for me. Around 22/25 weeks I woke up on my back with a belly ache and slept on my side the rest of my pregnancy. Right now I’m 12 weeks and sleeping however I’m comfortable. Currently laying on my belly typing this. 
  • Agree with listening to your body. It will tell you when tummy and back are no longer possible/safe. If you're uncomfortable try a body pillow. I wasn't a fan of the snoogle last time, so this time my husband got me a U shaped pillow that I like better. If you change positions frequently like me, it prevents you from having to rearrange the pillow every time you want to turn. 
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