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Stretch Mark Lotion?

Hi all, 
I hope it’s ok I post this here.

I’m 8 weeks pregnant and one of the things I’ve started early is using Palmer’s Cocoa butter formaula with Vitamin E for Stretch marks.
Heres the thing, I don’t really like the smell of cocoa butter and now that I’m pregnant I like it even less.

I wonder if there are any other lotions for stretch marks that are (preferably) fragrance free?

Any recommendations would be wonderful. Thank you 

Re: Stretch Mark Lotion?

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    unfortunately your body is prone to stretch marks and you will get them or you won't. sadly there is no proven remedy to prevent them. however since they can become itchy I found coconut oil to be reallh moisturizing. It does smell like coconut though but isn't overly strong in my opinio 
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    Thank you :) 
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