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hey ladies, I'm 8weeks today about 2 hours ago I went to the toilet and when I wiped there was blood on the tissue, it's still happening now.. I went to the hospital but they wouldn't do anything as I'm only 8 weeks.. they said to ring my doctor in the morning.. I've got no pain just an achy lower back.. I don't want to go to the toilet in case it's worse, im really worried 

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    I'm sorry you're having this stress. Take it easy today, definitely pelvic rest. I hope your doctor has good news tomorrow. Did the ER do an ultrasound? It could be an SCH which can resolve and you can have a healthy pregnancy. 
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    @kiki75 thank you, I’ve just got back from the doctors.. they’ve referred me to the early pregnancy unit for a scan tomorrow at 3.20 hopefully it’s good news. X
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    @shelbylove_1986 - hope all went well on your scan!
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    @racklerooo had the scan and everything is okay, saw my little peanut and the heartbeat flickering away ❤️ Thank you for your message, hope you’re well 
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