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Freezing all the time?

I hear a lot that women get hot during pregnancy.  Not the case here!  I get some night sweats, but other than that I am freezing cold all the time.  I do have very low blood pressure, and probably bad circulation.  But I just want to know if this is normal at this stage!  I'm 7w5d.
Anything to be concerned about?
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Re: Freezing all the time?

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    I’m not freezing all the time. I’m hot/comfortable during the day, then at night when I get home from work I’m freezing cold. It’s no colder in my house than at work so I’m not sure why I’m just cold in the evening. Hahaha. 
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    Nope. Normal.
    I range from sweating like a stuffed pig to blowing on my fingers because I'm so cold. All on the same day, with the temperature being the same.

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    bb2510bb2510 member
    100% experiencing the same thing as you. I’m actually lying in bed now because of how cold I am. I feel as though I have flu-like chills and it is also accompanied by fatigue and a bit of nausea. My guess is it’s normal too...I’m 6 weeks. 
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    I'm freezing all of the time too,  the other night I felt really hot and cold at the same time.  Like when you have a sun burn. I think it's all pretty normal
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