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FTM and labor

So I'm a first time mom, and 37 weeks today. I've had several Braxton Hicks but was wondering if anyone had some helpful advice about what active labor will feel like. I'm feeling a lot of pressure low in my abdomin, which I am assuming is normal as baby descends into the birth canal.  Any advice is welcome and appreciated!!

Re: FTM and labor

  • Your medical practitioner should have told you by now!

    Also, http://bfy.tw/FehU
  • You will know when you feel contractions.  I had a lot of BH with DS and some that were slightly painful just because my entire stomach would get tight, but overall, once contractions hit... I knew!  As the baby starts to drop and get in position, things definitely start to get uncomfortable.  That's why so many women are so ready for the baby to come the longer they are pregnant.


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